Standing up for Internet freedom against the ITU and WCIT 2012

The most important event in digital media in 2012--the US and 55 other nations standing up for internet freedom against the ITU, WCIT 2012--

Standing up for Internet freedom, in Israel and the world | The Times of Israel: "Israel sided with the US — and 54 other countries — against changes to an international treaty that, some fear, could limit private use of the Internet and provide a basis for regimes to prevent their citizens from freely accessing and posting material on the Internet. The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai last week ended with ratification of the treaty that encourages governments to take an active role to “foster an enabling environment for the greater growth of the Internet.” The changes to the treaty were approved by 89 countries. The changes were approved in a resolution attached to a treaty for members of the UN-sponsored International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The resolution (which is not binding on members) does not explicitly mention limiting or banning Internet content, but does call on governments to take an active role in “ensuring Internet access for the benefit of their citizens.” While the resolution’s language was innocuous enough, it was the interpretation of that language that worried the US and other Western countries. The resolution, said the US, seemingly gives a “carte blanche” to governments to determine what those “benefits” should be, without an objective standard of freedom of access; countries could decide that free access to information was not “beneficial” for their citizens. The resolution thus appeared to be the beginning of a “slippery slope” which, if allowed to progress to its logical conclusion, would put an end to the Internet as a forum for the free exchange of ideas and opinions. . . . After the US announcement, other countries — including Israel — announced that they would not endorse the amendment either. And with good reason, said Meital Schwartz of the Israel Internet Association (ISOC). That slippery slope is a lot steeper than most people think. “The resolution isn’t the only problem,” she told The Times of Israel. “The entire treaty plants the seeds for a UN takeover of the Internet.”. . . “The fact that 89 countries voted to allow governments to remove certain content indicates a worrying development for the cause of Internet freedom,” Schwartz added. “The vote results obligate Israel to continue to fight for a free and open Internet, for the benefit of all.”

Thank you to the US and all 55 other countries standing up for internet freedom--and Happy New Year!

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The State of Online Video in 2012 and Trends for 2013

Infographic: The State of Online Video in 2012 and Trends for 2013 | Yahoo! Advertising Solutions - Yahoo!: "Video is a major attraction on mobile devices: 50% of tablet users and 20% of smartphone users watch video content. Looking ahead, the video ad forecast calls for continued mega-growth, and personalization is the hottest trend for 2013. Marketers will leverage personalized video content to educate consumers, build brand loyalty, and increase engagement through greater interactivity. . . . "

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Netflix encodes each movie 120 times

Netflix. from Kunal Bisla on Vimeo. To stream everywhere, Netflix encodes each movie 120 times — Online Video News: "Getting Netflix streams to play on all of your devices requires a whole lot of encoding: The company is preparing 120 different versions of each movie to deal with different screen sizes and bandwidth requirements, according to a recently published behind-the-scenes video."

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Animate your memes

Animate your memes with Vimeo creator's new project, Moonbase | The Verge: " . . . Jake Lodwick, a programmer and filmmaker, made a name for himself in tech and media circles by helping to create Vimeo and College Humor in New York. After a few years spent largely out of the public eye he's moved to San Francisco and is ready to debut his new company, Elepath, and its first public project, Moonbase: a plug and play service that aims to make it easy for anyone to create complex animations and rich media for the web without having to know a thing about coding. "When you read the Steve Jobs article 'Thoughts on Flash', it explains that Flash is no longer necessary as a browser plugin, because HTML5 can handle all the animation and interaction natively. He didn't mention that there's no replacement for the desktop authoring app known as Flash CS6. So if you want to do rich media stuff in HTML5, you need serious Javascript wizards to build it from scratch, and those people are in extremely short supply," said Lodwick, during a chat last week. "What the world needs is an easy-to-use authoring tool for rich HTML5 content. That's what Moonbase is. It's a purely visual development environment so you can wire stuff up without writing any code.". . . "

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Four out of 10 Americans have connected their TV to the Internet

" . . . Four out of 10 Americans have connected their TV to the Internet, according to a new Forrester study. If you’re just talking about the whippersnappers in the 18-to-32 age bracket, the number shoots up to 6 in 10. Forrester credits Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3 for most of that; it says 42 percent of connected TV watchers are hooked up via a game console. If you’re an oldster like me — who remembers the days of rabbit ears, Pong and three broadcast networks — that number seems staggeringly high. And we can attach a few caveats below. But it’s not the first time we’ve seen stats like these. Earlier this fall NPD reported that TVs have become the most common screen for Web video-watching. And Netflix says the PS3 often generates more streams per day than PCs do. So if you’re willing to say these reports are at least directionally correct, it’s a big deal, at least for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and everyone else who has been waiting on this moment. . . ." (source: All Things D)

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Use Online Video to Enhance your Brand

How to Use Online Video to Enhance your Brand | Business 2 Community: "Understanding your audience using the 7 fascination triggers One way you can get your audience to connect with your video content is by thinking in terms of the seven fascination triggers. Sally Hogshead has carried out research, the results of which suggest seven triggers which are hardwired into the human brain. She states that once you understand these triggers, you can utilize them to elicit particular responses from an audience. The seven triggers are: Power Passion Mystique Prestige Alarm Rebellion Trust We all have different primary triggers. Let’s take the example of alarm. To fascinate with alarm you might offer a discount to customers that has a deadline, or offer a free gift for the first X number of purchases. Groupon are the pros of fascinating with alarm. People with alarm as their primary trigger will feel the urgency in this type of marketing and are more likely to respond to it."

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Aereo Adds First Cable Channel - Bloomberg TV

Aereo Adds First Cable Channel: Bloomberg TV - " . . . Aereo, backed by media mogul Barry Diller's IAC/InterActiveCorp, launched a Web TV service earlier this year that streams broadcast TV signals of New York stations to New York residents for a monthly fee. But the launch created an uproar within the television world, as Aereo didn't get prior approval of the broadcasters and isn't paying for the right to carry their signals. As a result, the major broadcast networks sued Aereo in federal court in New York, alleging copyright infringement. The case hasn't been resolved. But Thursday, Aereo added its first cable channel by streaming Bloomberg TV content—with Bloomberg's permission. Aereo is paying Bloomberg for its content, the companies said, without disclosing the terms. "We believe that our members will see deep value adding in Bloomberg Television as their 'go-to' source for financial news," Aereo founder
and Chief Executive Chet Kanojia said in a written statement. . . ."

Redbox ready to make a run at Netflix with video streaming (blog)
I just rented a couple of movies from a Redbox kiosk this week. I took all of about five minutes to conduct the transaction. No wonder video rental chains have struggled to keep their doors open. Now, Redbox is ready to invade other competitors' territory.

Roku Stick Review & Rating |
PC Magazine
If your HDTV doesn't already have integrated Wi-Fi and online services, you need to get a media hub or a Blu-ray player for access to services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Roku has been one of the biggest brands for watching streaming content on your ...

Netflix Weekend Must Watch: 10 Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix as ...
Gadget Review
So if you don't have holiday parties to attend or family functions to go to, stay home and relax…and watch some flicks on Netflix. Instead of going through the entire selection, we've made is easy on you and compiled some must-watch movies and TV ...

Amazon Cloud Player launches on Roku, Samsung Smart TVs
Digital Trends
Detailed on the official Roku blog as well as a press release about the Samsung launch, the Amazon Cloud Player development team has made the application available on Roku hardware as well as Samsung smart televisions manufactured during 2011 and ...

Is Netflix Hurting Disney? (DIS, NFLX)
Motley Fool
In a new study, researchers at Sanford Bernstein studied video streaming services and how much of children's content is viewed through those services. It found that through content deals with Disney (NYSE: DIS ) and Viacom (NASDAQ: VIA ) , Netflix ...

Can Redbox Instant Kill Netflix? (CSTR, NFLX, VZ)
Motley Fool
The product, known as Redbox Instant, is supposed to be a Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX ) killer of the highest order. At least, that's the conclusion many observers are drawing from the preliminary details Coinstar and Verizon just published. But you know what?

Netflix (NFLX): A Short Sellers Dream... Or Nightmare (subscription)
Bears love to hate Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX). The 26.7 percent short interest in the stock is a perfect illustration of the hate-level. Even the recent Disney (NYSE: DIS) deal was no reason for the most hardened of the bears to step away. In fact it made ... (subscription)

Google Fiber Fastest ISP in US: Netflix
Netflix has an interest and expertise in high-speed Internet service because it sells access to its huge catalog of movies and television shows only through Internet-connected computers, video game consoles, DVD or Blu-ray players, and streaming set ...

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77% of Brands Aren't Using Online Video Advertising

Advertising--an industry behind the times--

77% of Brands Aren't Using Online Video Advertising | ClickZ: "A new study from Kantar Media has found that 77 percent of brands are using national TV advertising exclusively. According to the study, only 23 percent of the brands surveyed were using online video. About 12 percent of brands reported that they were using both online video and national TV advertising. While another 11 percent said they were using online video advertising only. Kantar Media says that the restaurant and automotive industries were the most likely to use both advertising video platforms in the month of October. According to the study, 43 percent of the restaurant industry was using both online and national TV video ads. Kantar Media also found that 30 percent of automotive firms were using the two-platform video advertising method. The study reported that Internet communications and content companies were the most likely to use an online-only method for video advertising. Kantar says that 39 percent of Internet content and communications companies are using online video advertising exclusively. . . . "

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Television? or just video on another screen

Should we even call it television anymore?--soon it will all be (online mostly) video viewable on multiple kinds of screens--

The Gordian Knot of Television | MIT Technology Review: " . . . Why not just let Apple negotiate directly with networks for their content, cutting out the middleman? Basically, it’s a giant negotiation problem, though. As Patel points out, “instead of managing just a few major relationships with the cable providers, Apple would have to manage hundreds of relationships with content companies — companies that already have testy relationships with Apple services like the iTunes Store.” (And the man who deftly managed those relationships, Eddy Cue, has his hands full fixing Apple Maps at the moment.) If Apple, or whoever, took this route, it’s likely that the launched product would be missing a number of major channels. The other option is less intuitively pleasing, less Occam’s Razorish in its simplicity, but it’s probably fundamentally the more likely one. This is for Apple to basically allow cable companies to outsource their UI design to Apple. The cable companies actually make a lot of money off those interfaces, though, through ads, pay-per-view buttons, features shows and the like, so that will also be a huge negotiation. But there are some forward-thinking leaders in the cable industry who have signaled a willingness to make this happen. Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner’s CEO, is an interesting figure to watch. He recently said that he’s eager to see if Apple will make a TV of its own. “I hope they do,” he said, citing Apple’s “good interface and navigation skills.” Bewkes is canny, also aware of the potential threat of so-called “cord-nevers” to his business–young folk who, far from “cutting the cord” of cable, never really adopted it to begin with. The takeaway here is that there’s only so much speculation we observers in the tech press can provide on whether Apple or another company will provide the hardware and software to supposedly fix our TV woes. It’s a massive business and negotiating problem, and the battle to struggle to simplify our TV watching experience is probably happening on golf courses and in fancy restaurants, rather than in R&D divisions."

Actually it's already happening--YouTube has a huge lead--people want their "television" as "video on demand" on multiple devices--tablet, smartphone, notebook, desktop computer, and of course, "TV set" which is quickly becoming just another "screen."

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Online Video Flash Very Much Alive

How Online Video Works: Flash Very Much Alive
How Online Video Works: Flash Very Much Alive. Comments | Jan Ozer | December 05, 2012 02:01 PM. Category: Tablets, Smartphones, Operating systems, Video Tech. For some Web producers, the technologies selected to deploy video is driven by ...

Online Video's Biggest Lesson for 2013: It's All Just TV
These days, consumers want – even expect – all of their favorite video content to be available to them when and where they want it. 2013 will be the year the industry delivers, but it won't be easy and there will be casualties along the way. We saw ...

Social Media, Online Video Driving Ad Spend Growth (subscription)
Bolstered by Internet advertising—particularly social media and online video—global ad spend growth is forecast to strengthen over the next three years, rising from an estimated 3.3% year-over-year (YOY) growth in 2012, to 4.1% growth in 2013 and 5.6 ... (subscription)

LIVE EVENT: #PayToPlay in Online Video
Do I really and/or only have to pay $5 to watch this? What's the future of viewer-supported online video entertainment? What happened to the Radiohead Pay-What-You-Want method of entertainment ownership and consumption? How can I use this ...


SoCal's Online Video Companies Weigh In On Gangnam Style Earnings
How much is Korean pop star Psy making with his viral "Gangnam Style" video on YouTube? Based on recent figures from a number of Southern California's online video companies, anything from $870,000 to $1.7M. Two recent reports--one in New York ...

Yahoo buys online video chat startup OnTheAir
San Fransisco: Yahoo has bought another Silicon Valley mobile startup OnTheAir as CEO Marissa Mayer tries to create more compelling products for smartphones and tablet computers. Tuesday's acquisition of OnTheAir follows Yahoo's recent purchase of a ...


Pencil This In: Tubefilter Tackles Online Video, NerdMelt Magic, a Variety ...
What's going on in LA tonight? Tubefilter takes on the online video biz, David Cronenberg's 'Naked Lunch' screens with William Burroughs' cut-up films, a new variety show launches in Silver Lake and a magic talk show. Read on for all the details.

Yahoo acquires online video chat start-up OnTheAir
Times of India
Yahoo acquires online video chat start-up OnTheAir. The writer has posted comments on this article AFP | Dec 5, 2012, 11.04 AM IST. Tweet. Share on Linkedin. Comments. More. Google Bookmarks, Newsvine. Live Bookmarks, Technorati. Yahoo Bookmarks ...

Times of India

Online Video: Predictions For 2013
MediaPost Communications
I love prediction articles: get them right, and you look like a psychic guru. Miss the mark, and nobody will remember them, anyway. So with nothing much to lose, here are my predictions for what theonline video world can expect to see in the upcoming ...

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Netflix takes Disney pay-TV rights from Starz

Netflix gambling it can survive without raising prices after Disney deal?

Netflix says it won't raise prices after Disney deal
Netflix, which analysts estimate paid more than $350 million for the exclusive rights to stream Disney movies to TV beginning in 2016, is not considering a price increase to help finance the deal, said Ted Sarandos, the company's chief content officer ...

Netflix and Rhapsody Favor Gamers
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
Both Rhapsody and Netflix are newly touting the tech-connection. Waxing Rhapsodic: The subscription music service Rhapsody has just introduced an Xbox 360 app with a user interface customized for the platform. Tile-styled graphics mimic the now abiding ...

Netflix, Disney Sign Exclusive Deal - Analyst Blog
Netflix Inc. ( NFLX ) has entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Walt Disney Company ( DIS ) for the exclusive right to stream the latter's content to its U.S. subscribers. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to ...

Netflix Cost To Rise? Why The Service Might Have To Start Charging More ...
Huffington Post
As competition from online streaming services, traditional TV networks and premium services like HBO heats up, will Netflix have to start charging its subscribers more to afford the content they want to see? It's a question some analysts and pundits ...

Expect Netflix to Raise Cash in Dire Bid for Survival
Netflix raised $400 million in late 2011. At the time the company claimed it was merely providing itself with a cushion so its clients would not start worrying about a cash problem. The company had the nerve to say, We don't really need the cash, but ...

Netflix signs blockbuster deal to stream Disney movies
Inside Bay Area
In a move to put its streaming video service on par with the likes of premium cable services such as HBO and Showtime, Netflix (NFLX) on Tuesday announced an exclusive deal with Disney. As part of the deal, Netflix will snatch the pay-TV rights to ...

Netflix takes Disney pay-TV rights from Starz
Los Angeles Times
Netflix has acquired the exclusive U.S. rights to movies from Walt Disney Studios films, beginning in 2016, in a three-year deal that catapults the Internet video-on-demand service into direct competition with pay-TV giants such as HBO and Showtime.

Netflix Reaches Deal to Show New Disney Films in 2016
New York Times (blog)
LOS ANGELES — Walt Disney Studios said on Tuesday that it had completed a deal to show films from its Disney, Pixar and Marvel banners on Netflix, replacing a less lucrative pact with Starz. The agreement is the first time one of Hollywood's big ...

New York Times (blog)

Netflix wins rights to show Disney movies shortly after theatrical runs ...
Washington Post
SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix's Internet video service has landed the U.S. rights to show Disney movies shortly after they leave theaters, a coup that could turn into a costly mistake if the deal doesn't bring in more customers. The multiyear licensing ...

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6 Online Video Trends to Watch in 2013

YouTube and beyond: the highs and lows of the changing online video landscape
Upstart (blog)
Though YouTube didn't quite make the shift it was looking for this year, Miletsky said changes are very much on the horizon in the online video space. Here are his predictions and a piece of advice from him whether your company works directly with ...

Zynga Games Coming To Internet/TV Bundles Next Year
Zynga Games Coming To Internet/TV Bundles Next Year. Get the WebProNews Newsletter! By Zach Walton · 17 mins ago · Leave a Comment. Get the WebProNews Newsletter: Zynga Games Coming To Internet/TV Bundles Next Year. The almighty cable and ...

Adform data shows European consumer engagment with online video ...
The Drum
Adform's Media Barometer, which measures consumer trends and engagement with online display advertising based on 140 billion European online advertising impressions, has revealed that the average time consumers spend watching online video adverts ...

Netflix Must Hope That Stars Align on Original Programming
Wall Street Journal
While Netflix already competes against premium cable for viewing hours and subscribers, the push into original programming highlights the comparison. In addition to a lower price tag—$7.99 a month, against the $15 to $20 that consumers pay for ...

Wall Street Journal

Netgear NeoTV Prime Google TV box leaks
The surreptitious rise of next-gen Google TV boxes continues, with the Netgear NeoTV Prime GTV100 following ASUS' Qube in slipping through the FCC and then into the wild courtesy of some leaked prototype shots. The NeoTV Prime is a compact STB with a...


Redbox Instant wants to take on Netflix
TG Daily
There are currently several streaming services on the VoD market including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. Competition is obviously a good thing, as it helps drive prices down and increase available content. So we're definitely looking forward ...

TG Daily

Popular on Netflix
Seriously, though, Netflix is very near and dear to my heart. CEO Reed Hastings's foibles with the separate DVD service Qwikster came off to me like the japes of a loveable uncle. My good friends Party Down, The League, Freeks and Geeks and The IT ...

Asus and Netgear set to jump on the Google TV bandwagon
News that Asus was working on a Google TV device hit the net late last week when Engadget unearthed an FCC filing for a somewhat mysterious Google TV dongle called Qube, as well as some apps on Google Play that function as remote controls for...


#Vimeo Releases New iPhone App
NY Convergence
Vimeo just released its latest iPhone app. Their mobile team said Vimeo 3.0 is “awesomer, sleeker, more beautiful, way awesomer, and also much more awesomer than ever before.” The NY-based company's app allows users to record video and upload it ...

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Take Action: Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen

Take Action: Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen
Tell the world's governments you support a free and open web at

International meeting agenda threatens Internet freedom
One of the most powerful platforms for transmitting our ideas is the free and openInternet. However, an upcoming international meeting is threatening the freedom of the Internet. On December 03, 2012, government regulators from around the world will...

Commentary: Knowing when to walk away: The U.N. and Internet freedom
Victoria Times Colonist
The Obama administration, having articulated the right stance, must be careful not to let pressure to reach an agreement lead it to accept undue interference with Internet freedom. The U.S. must articulate clear red-lines and, should they be crossed ...

'Father of the internet': Why we must fight for its freedom -
The internet empowers each one of us to speak, create, learn and share. Today, more than two billion people are online — about a third of the planet.

Join us to Protect Internet Freedom |
Internet freedom advocates backed by citizens and organizations from all over the world have been demanding openness that is so desperately needed in talks ...

ISPs Attack Internet Freedom
ISPs attack, the world is divided in two groups. One group is advocating the Internet freedom and other one endorses the ways in which ISPs attack the Internet ...

Issa's Plan to Hold Back the Flood of Internet Regulation « Internet ...
With each passing year, Washington's appetite for Internet regulation grows. While “Hands Off the Net!” was a popular rallying cry just a decade ago—and was ...

Why Roku is the best Internet TV streaming box choice

5 reasons why the Roku is the best Internet TV streaming box choice
Network World
All the streaming box options support Netflix, but Roku supports more than 600 Internet TVchannels. You name it, Roku supports it. Are you a horror, cult, fantasy, and exploitation movie fan? Check out Midnight Pulp. Want to know what's with technology?

Global online video market to be worth $37b in 2017 – Report
Ghana Business News
In its latest report “OTT Video Revenue Forecasts” released November 22, 2012, Informa Telecoms & Media said the projected $37 billion global online-video market will be driven by the “popularity of services like Netflix and YouTube” with advertising, ...

Ghana Business News

Scoop: Key pricing and launch details of Redbox Instant revealed
The online video joint venture Redbox Instant by Verizon is set to launch sometime before the end of the year. The service is currently being tested in private beta, and Verizon and Redbox have kept mum on some key details. However, after a bit of ...


Eight Simple Steps for Online Video Success
At the Streaming Media Europe conference in London, Luke Gaydon, senior director for strategic accounts, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, at Brightcove presented a roadmap for online video success. The people at video distributor Brightcove noticed ...

One-A-Day Gift Guide: Internet TV In A Tiny Box
The plastic box, which is the size of a Klondike bar and weighs almost nothing, connects to any TV via HDMI and makes it reasonably easy to access most valuableinternet TV resources, excluding iTunes. It supports Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, which ...


Netflix and Amazon: Quite the co-opetition case study
ZDNet (blog)
Netflix and Amazon are fierce rivals on streaming video. Netflix is also moving its entire technology infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is Amazon's most visible infrastructure as a service customer. On another front ...

Netflix rival Redbox Instant will cost $6 at debut next month
For $6 a month, subscribers get access to the service's video catalog, which is smaller than Netflix'sbut contains some of the same big-name content, such as Rango, Thor and Iron Man 2. For $8 a month, in addition to the streaming content, subscribers ...

The Netflix For Designer Clothes, Rent The Runway Raises $20M From Vogue ...
Rent The Runway, a Netflix for designer clothes, accessories and jewelry, has raised $20 million in funding led by Condé Nast Publications, with all existing investors participating in the fundraising round including Bain Capital Ventures, Highland ...

Icahn Has the Right Script for Netflix
At Netflix, this approach has a decent chance of panning out. All in all, the company faces many challenges. One is the escalating cost of licensing content. For example, the company recently allowed its deal with A&E to expire, which will mean losing ...

There Is No Such Thing as 'Verbal Rape' (or 'Facebook Rape' or 'Netflix Rape')
The Atlantic
Karen Swallow Prior - Karen Swallow Prior is professor of English and chair of the English and modern languages department at Liberty University. She is the author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me and a contributing writer for Christianity Today.

Netflix on Wii U: How it works
Netflix subscribers taking home a Nintendo Wii U will be able to access the video streaming service via the new console, with unique features that capitalise on the Wii U's dual-screen capabilities.Netflix comes pre-loaded on the Wii U, which is ...

SWTOR livestream Q&A highlights F2P success, BioWare 'listening to feedback'
0. SWTOR livestream Q&A highlights F2P success, BioWare 'listening to feedback' · BioWare held a post-1.5 livestream Q&A for Star Wars: The Old Republic yesterday, and Darth Hater has posted the pertinent notes as well as a 30-minute video embed.

Email Snooping Bill Paves Way for Netflix Sharing
By TechNewsDaily
In a twist of legislative bureaucracy, a measure to beef up email privacy might have the side effect of letting your Facebook friends see all the videos you've been watching — with your blanket approval. The Senate Judiciary Committee today ...

Carlos Slim takes aim at Netflix | beyondbrics
By Ron Buchanan
Trust Carlos Slim! Just when most of the rest of Mexico is preparing for Saturday's inauguration of Enrique Peña Nieto as president, the world's richest man has titillated the taste buds of a TV crazy nation. On Friday, Slim's América Móvil will ...

BioWare Livestream Q&A Coverage - Articles - SWTOR News ...
With Game Update 1.5 live, BioWare held another of their Livestream Q&A sessions earlier today starting at 3pm CST. For those unable to watch the stream live, full notes can be found after the jump. Video of the stream is available above.
Darth Hater - Articles

Clarovideo Launches in Mexico, Undercutting Netflix
By Paul Sawers
The growing list of over-the-top players includes Netflix as we've seen already, but also Bazuca and Walmart-owned movie streaming service Vudu. Earlier this week, we also reported that Totalmovie had partnered with Sony and unveiled live ...
The Next Web

Internet Regulation by ITU = death of internet freedom

What upcoming event has the potential for the greatest negative impact on the future of all digital media? The upcoming WCIT conference where the ITU (a UN agency) is going to attempt to take control of the internet and allow countries like Russia and China destroy internet freedom. Read more below--and to take action go to Take Action – Google: "A free and open world depends on a free and open web."

In advance of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), the European Parliament has issued a resolution stating that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) should not have control over the web. The ITU is a United Nations agency responsible for telecommunications. It works to establish worldwide standards, coordinate shared global use of the radio spectrum and improve telecommunications infrastructure. December's WCIT has been organised to bring together governments from all over the world to renegotiate the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs), first signed in 1988. Since 1988, communications have changed enormously, and the ITU wants to make sure that its regulations cover the internet effectively. As outlined in our guide, more than 100 organisations including Google, have raised concerns about the event, believing that the ITU should stick to covering telecommunications and not encroach on the web. However the ITU argues that telecommunications is defined as "any transmission, emission or reception of signs, signals, writing, images and sounds or intelligence of any nature by wired, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems", which implies that the internet might also be covered.Source: The European Parliament opposes ITU control of web (Wired UK)

Euro MPs: Do not let the ITU take control of the internet | ZDNet: "The European Parliament warned the revisions would be a mistake and urged EU member states to reject changes to international telecommunications regulations (ITR) in place since 1988. "Some ITR reform proposals being presented by the ITU member states would negatively impact the internet, its architecture, operations, content and security, business relations, internet governance and the free flow of information online," Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake and other lawmakers said in the motion for resolution. In addition, "the ITU, or any other single, centralised international institution, is not the appropriate body to assert regulatory authority over either internet governance or internet traffic flows," lawmakers said. At the moment, . . . ICANN and IANA have oversight of parts of the internet."

UN summit may usher in more Internet regulations
"We want to maintain a platform of a free and open Internet as a platform for free expression," Patrick Ryan, an attorney at Google, said at a forum organized by Stanford Law School here yesterday afternoon. Google has organized a new campaign to draw ...

European Parliament Opposed To ITU Takeover Of The Web
WebProNews-by Zach Walton-Nov 27, 2012
Wired UK reports that the European Parliament has issued a resolution against a potential takeover of the Web by the ITU. The resolution ...

European Parliament: Stop the ITU taking over the Internet
PCWorld (blog)-Nov 22, 2012
Control of the Internet must be stopped from falling into the hands of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the European Parliament ...

European Parliament Adopts Resolution Vowing To Fight ITU ...
TPM-Nov 23, 2012
The European Parliament on Thursday voted in favor of a strongly-worded resolution that calls upon member states to fight any expansion of ...

'UN should not be allowed to control Internet', says European ...
Newstrack India-Nov 23, 2012
The European Parliament, however, argues that he UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU) was 'not the appropriate body' to have ...

Who should control the internet? --(hint: Not the ITU)
TechRadar UK-by Kate Solomon-Nov 23, 2012
Yesterday, the European Parliament voted to reject the idea that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) should gain regulatory ...

European Union slams the ITU over upcoming Internet vote
VR-Zone-Nov 23, 2012
European Union slams the ITU over upcoming Internet vote ... 2012 the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning the vote by the ...

EU says no to ITU world-wide rule of world-wide web
HEXUS-Nov 26, 2012
EU says no to ITU world-wide rule of world-wide web ... though given the time to pass a resolution we're sure that the EU parliament is merely ...

How About Putting the Muslim World and China in Charge of the ...
FrontPage Magazine-Nov 26, 2012
The list of parties currently worried about an ITU power grab include obscure right-wing organizations such as the European Parliament and ...

Global Government now Seeks Total Control Over the Internet
International Business Times AU-15 hours ago
"[The European Parliament] believes that the ITU, or any other single, centralized international institution, is not the appropriate body to assert ...

The European Parliament opposes ITU control of web 27, 2012

Google Fires a Rare Public Salvo Over Aggregators
New York Times
BERLIN — Google's imprint on daily life is hard to ignore in Europe, where it reportedly has 93 percent of the Internet search market, more than in the United States. Yet when it comes to its lobbying of lawmakers, Google prefers a low profile. That ...

U.K.'s First 4G Network, EE, Increases Data Limits By ~60% On Some Price ...
The U.K.'s first — and currently only — 4G network, run by carrier EE, has announced it is increasing the size of the data caps on some of its mobile broadband tariffs by around 60 percent, while keeping its pricing structure the same. The network ...


Why I support the Internet Radio Fairness Act
The Hill (blog)
As a musician with Break of Reality, an independent music group, I would very much like to have my voice heard with regard to the Internet Radio Fairness Act. Internet radio has provided tremendous exposure for my band, Break of Reality, an independent ...

Mediator Joins Contentious Effort to Add a 'Do Not Track' Option to Web Browsing
New York Times
The idea was to work out a global standard for “Do Not Track,” a computer browser setting that would allow Internet users to signal Web sites, advertising networks and data brokers that they did not want their browsing activities tracked for marketing ...

ZTE unveils the smallest 4G LTE datacard available
ZTE has announced the launch of its MF823, a small dongle it touts as the smallest 4G LTE data card currently available. The little white unit has already launched in Kazakhstan, of all places, and is heading for Europe and Asia “soon.” The press ...

Google, Government Reps Warn Against Internet Regulation ...
By Eric Johnson
Internet regulation is dangerous. Really, really dangerous. At least for those who like the Internet as-is.

1-In-5 Internet Users Always Read Privacy Policies, But That Doesn't ...
By Chris Morran
Though everyone is always saying “You've got to read the fine print,” most of us don't do it. According to a new study, only 16% of Internet users claim to always read privacy policies of the sites and online services with which they share their ...
The Consumerist

Darrell Issa proposes 2-year ban on Internet legislations, will appear ...
By Cory Doctorow
Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) has pretty good credentials as a friend of the Internet, being one of the early Congresscritters to stand up to SOPA and PIPA (though there's the little matter of sponsoring a corporatist bill to limit open access for ...
Boing Boing

A New Way Around China's Internet Filters
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A key method for circumventing China's Internet filters, virtual private networks have come into the crosshairs of the government lately. During the 18th Party Congress earlier this month many faced blockages and more recently China Digital Times has ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

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Netflix Bluffing Will Be Its Downfall

Netflix Is Bluffing And It Will Be Their Downfall
In case you haven't noticed, wannabe Hollywood analysts, er sorry, I mean tech bloggers the world over, are breathlessly opining and propagating news about NetflixCEO Reed Hastings estimate that Amazon is spending up to $1 billion annually on content ...


Livestream aimed at startup success
Asheville Citizen-Times
The livestream will be aired 11 a.m.-9 p.m. at Mojo Coworking, 60 N. Market St., Suite C200 in downtown Asheville. The event is hosted by Venture Asheville, the initiative of the Asheville-Buncombe Economic Development Coalition to boost more new small ...

Move over Google TV and Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox Multimedia Box May Be In ...
Mobile Magazine
It seems that Apple TV and Google TV might be getting even more competition in the set-top box space. While this isn't the first time that the web has gossiped about such a device from Microsoft, it now seems that more sources are coming out and saying ...

3M And Roku Streaming Projector Not A Winner
World Internet TV on PC (blog)
The much-anticipated 3M Roku Streaming Projector finally launched, but reviews don't seem to be painting a good picture for the first-of-its-kind streaming up-the-wall projector. The device, which comes with a streaming stick with its $299 price tag ...

World Internet TV on PC (blog)

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Steady rise in online video revenues

Steady rise in online video revenues
Informa's Giles Cottle, principal analyst and author of the report, says that despite the online videomarket maturing, advertising will continue to be a larger revenue generator than subscriptions in 2017, as it is this year. According to the report ...

Global online video market worth $37bn in 2017
Advanced Television
According to the latest forecasts from Informa Telecoms & Media, the global online-video market will be worth $37 billion in 2017, driven by the popularity of services like Netflix and YouTube. This figure is made up of the three key video-revenue ...

Advanced Television

Online video to push the 3G/4G traffic and the smart phone sales
EE Herald
Leading telecom equipment maker Ericsson has shared its latest mobile phone market study where it finds approximately 40 percent of all phones sold in Q3 2012 were smartphones and the growth of smartphone data traffic is expected to exceed the overall ...

EE Herald

Pioneers of Digital: June Cohen and How TED Talks Reached You via Online ...
Huffington Post
YouTube was still in its nascent stage, and online video was starting to play a more and more important role on the Internet. In hindsight, the conditions may seem perfect. But at the time, 'almost no one I knew thought TEDTalks could succeed. Taped ...

What Is It Like To Work At Hulu?
The teams at Hulu care a great deal about making sure that everyone enjoys their time at the office. This leads to things like Bagel and Donut Fridays, bi-weekly Wind Downs, regular outings to the nearby Fox lot for movie screenings, and several fully ...

Lacquerous: “Netflix for Nails” Polish-Sharing Service
Fast Company
A beauty startup offering shared bottles of high-end nail polish by subscription a laNetflix may actually be dealing in a product more naturally compatible with the model than Netflix itself. About This Series. Fashion, retail, marketing, and ...

Fast Company

Hulu launches second screen service on Nintendo Wii
TBI Vision
Hulu's premium Hulu Plus customers can use the gamepad of the new Wii U console to access a range of second screen applications and find out more information about a given show while watching it on the main TV screen. Viewers can also watch content ...

Watch Grace Coddington's College Talk Live
WATCH Grace Coddington discuss her incredible life and career live on tonight, as we prepare to livestream her talk with celebrated fashion writer Sarah Mower. The internationally-renowned US Vogue creative director will take centre stage ...

Roku Offers Black Friday Deal
Black Friday Magazine
The Roku 2 XD is selling for $59.99, the same price as Roku's basic model. The XD allows viewers to choose from more than 500 entertainment channels, plus hundreds of free movies. It works on nearly every television, plays 1080p high-definition video ...

Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, YouTube Apps Now Available on Wii U
Nintendo World Report
Hulu Plus is a subscription on-demand video service that includes television episodes and movies. YouTube is mostly free along with full Movies and TV Shows available for purchase. Both apps will also be compatible with the upcoming Nintendo TVii.

Nintendo World Report

What's Happening on Hulu - From the Current - The Criterion ...
The selections in this week's festival of free films on Hulu are as much culinary delights as they are cinematic ones. The strudel looks sensational in Dušan Makavejev's Love Affair, or The Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator, and the ...
The Criterion Current

Maclean's Live: Question Period livestream with Twitter commentary ...
QP Live: Thank God It's Friday Edition: Join us using the hashtag #QP.

Leonid and Zodiacal Light on Vimeo
610 shoots with a Nikon D3 and a Sigma 8 mm. Very lucky because the time- lapse was started ...

Why YouTube Videos go Viral

3 Reasons Why YouTube Videos go Viral | Business 2 Community: By Jeff Bullas "YouTube is seen by many aspiring musicians, potential movie stars and wannabes as the online portal to fame and riches. This is not without precedent, as the biggest music brand in the world, Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube. Last year he set a YouTube record as the first person to reach 2 billion video views (after achieving 94 million views in just one month). Following close behind are Rihanna and Lady Gaga who both have recently broken the 2 billion views barrier. YouTube is a vehicle to a global audience that local television cannot and it provides an easy to use social media technology that anyone can use. It is a platform and portal that is unprecedented in media history with its size size and scale. Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month Over 4 billion hours of video in 2011 it passed more than 1 trillion views for the year (or 140 views for every person on the planet) Over 72 hours of video uploaded every minute It is indeed a place to publish if you want access to an audience. The challenge though is creating the video content that will go viral. Some researchers believe they have discovered the secret sauce for video velocity at scale. Is it a Formula? A marketing professor Brent Coker claims to have discovered an algorithm for videos going viral and why people will some videos and ignore others and has titled this the “Branded Viral . . . "

The 4 most common online video blunders (and how to avoid them) | VentureBeat" . . . Putting All Your Eggs in YouTube’s Basket . . . Syndication Without Proper Branding . . . I’ve seen far too many examples of publishers being given credit for third-party videos that had weak or non-existent branding. Stopping After the First Click . . .Lack of Curation . . .  an important part of any video strategy, particularly on sites with a large content library. Why is good curation so important? Watching online video has traditionally been an intent-driven, search experience: users look for a video on a specific topic and stop watching once they’ve found what they want. Publishers need to think about how they can incorporate a stronger element of discovery into the experience through a smart programming strategy that encourages users to explore and watch multiple videos on relevant topics, much like the experience of watching related TV shows on the same channel. . . ."

THE DEATH OF TV: It's Not Just Comcast; DirecTV and Time Warner Cable Are Down Thousands Of Subscribers, Too. - Business Insider: "Comcast has some company in the land of cord-cutters. One day after we reported Comcast's Q2 2012 earnings showed a drop in nearly 400,000 television subscribers in the past year, two more cable giants disclosed the same problem. . . . "

Online video exempt--for now--from FCC emergency broadcast rules
The FCC said Internet-delivered video--unless it's provided by a multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD)--need not comply with changes to its emergency information and video description rules in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued Nov. 19.

Top three Netflix competitors: Who's challenging the industry giant?
Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) has long held a position as reigning monarch in the online video streaming industry. This is due to a combination of factors including originality (it was the first large-scale operation of its kind), sheer amount of content and ...

CBS Interactive partners with SpotXchange to gain wider access to online video ...
Sydney, Australia – 21 November, 2012 – SpotXchange, Inc., the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, today announced that it has partnered with leading Australian online publisher, CBS Interactive to include real-time bidding capabilities ...

Online Video Ad Views Spiked in October
Americans viewed nearly 11 billion video ads in October, as data from comScore Video Metrics reveals. That is a sharp spike after 3 flat months (9.6 billion in ...

First online, video on demand film festival announces line-up ...
By moviescope
Streams, Europe's first video on demand film festival, has announced its programme of films which are to be made available to screen through seven VoD providers.
movieScope Magazine

Food Network UK & Ooyala: A Recipe For Online Video Success ...
Food Network UK leverages Ooyala's online video technologies to reach and engage its viewers on all devices. The network uses Ooyala's end-to-end video ...

Hulu Plus now available on Wii U | VG247
By Brenna Hillier
Hulu has announced a Wii U version of its Hulu Plus app. As detailed on the streaming video service's developer blog, the app makes use of the Game Pad, allowing you to control your content, or even watch on the smaller screen at will.

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4 Tips for Aspiring Media Innovators

4 Tips for Aspiring Media Innovators: 1. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment “You’d be amazed at how risk-averse most media companies are,” he says. “They are terrified, in the current economic climate, to take any risks. Our advice is that rapid iteration, lean startup experimentation designed to produce minimum viable prototypes is crucial if newsrooms want to stay ahead of their competitors, who are increasingly non-media companies such as mobile operators, and digital companies.” 2. Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself “Find partners, build synergies, share the burden. Journalists and the media they work for are very competitive. They have a ‘scoop’ culture that hates sharing,” Arenstein says. “But, when it comes to innovation, you will be more successful if you share ideas and build off the shoulders (and platforms and technologies) of others. Be realistic: No newsroom or media organization is going to throw away all their legacy systems, or re-engineer their workflow systems, just to accommodate your project. Try making your project compatible with other important newsroom tools like DocumentCloudFrontlineSMSmySociety or scores of others.” 3. Stay Small and Agile “A vibrant innovation community is starting to take root in Africa. You don’t have to hire or contract massive teams of developers, who then lock you into particular approaches or solutions,” he says. “You can instead tap into things like Hacks/Hackers to find fellow travelers who will allow you to share ideas and collaborate for as long as it makes sense, before parting ways.” 4. Keep an Open Mind . . . . "

Hulu launches a video hub dedicated to gaming | VentureBeat: "For years now, I’ve had a monthly tradition where I’ll type “” in my browser on a lazy Sunday and spend a couple of hours watching the new movie trailers in glorious Quick Time. I’ve never had that same go-to resource for gaming trailers. That’s what Hulu wants to be with its new video game hub at The Fox/CBS/Disney-ABC co-owned Internet video-streaming service is looking to lure in more viewers with a dedicated home for game trailers, reviews, and essential information (like release dates). It also looks pretty with large high-definition image headers for featured titles."

Closing the loop of online video delivery
Broadcast Engineering
Beginning in 2011, Adobe Systems has continued to methodically build out its Project Primetime platform, to meet the increasing demand for high-quality online videoconsumption across all screens. The company figures now's the time to prepare for the...

Broadcast Engineering

Consumers Watched 11 Billion Online Video Ads in October
A new study from comScore finds that consumers watched 11 billion online video ads in October. According to the study, 183 million U.S. Internet users watched web-based videos in October. ComScore says that those viewers saw over 37 billion online ...

5 Reasons Marketers can be Thankful for Online Video
Business 2 Community
It's Thanksgiving week, and that means it's time to sit back, reflect, and express some serious gratitude. But if you were to create a list of things to be thankful for this year, would anything about your job make the cut? (Besides the fact that you ...

Tablets becoming first screen for some online video
Tablets are encouraging more viewing of long-form online programming. Online video platform provider Ooyala reports that the usage it has seen highlights continued growth in mobile and tablet video consumption. The overall share of tablet video viewing ...

Hastings: Netflix 'can make it in the long term'
Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings has rejected the notion that it would be a benefit to the shareholders if his company was acquired by a wealthier firm. It's an idea that's gained credence ever since moneyman Carl Icahn bought a nearly 10 ...

American Music Awards 2012: Watch the Red Carpet Live Online (VIDEO)
On Sunday night, the biggest stars in music will arrive in style at the 2012 American Music Awards, held at the famed Nokia Theater in Hollywood. For those fashion enthusiasts out there who don't have access to a television, you can still catch all of ...

Global Digital Media - Video and Television in a Smart Connected World
Sacramento Bee
Web TV and online video have become recognised as a powerful format for both communicating online and providing a more dynamic experience. Online video over the Internet is being used by many different industries for advertising, marketing, ...

American Music Awards 2012 Live Stream: Watch Full p2p Online Video ...
Paris Star
Watch American Music Awards 2012 Live Stream Online Free. Cyndi Lauper said her musical playlist includes Pink, Nicki Minaj and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Boy band The Wanted is excited to see "Gangnam Style" PSY and Colbie Caillat wants ...

Rihanna To Stream London '777' Tour Gig Live Online - Video
Capital FM
Rihanna To Stream London '777' Tour Gig Live Online - Video. 19th November 2012, 10:48. The 'Diamonds' singer is set to celebrate the release of her new album 'Unapologetic' with secret UK gig tonight. Rihanna performs during the fifth stop of her 777 ...

Google Leaves Online Video Competitors Fighting for Scraps | Wall ...
By (Damien Hoffman)
Americans are still viewing massive amounts of online video...
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Vimeo gets pay-per-view: six movies available for pre-launch test ...
Vimeo plans to open up its pay-per-view platform to content producer early next year. ... and a number of connected devices, including Apple TV, Boxee and Roku. ... People love their Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, so they are really going to have ... Google TV update adds voice control, taps into Knowledge Graph 11/14/ ...
Popular streaming channels: Netflix: The king of movie and TV show streaming. $7.99/mo. YouTube: User-submitted videos and some original programming. Free. Hulu Plus: TV shows days after they air and some movies. $7.99/mo. Amazon Prime: A strong Netflix competitor with other Amazon benefits. $79/year. Crackle: Movies and TV mostly from Sony's library. Free. Vudu: Movie rental site owned by Walmart. Fees per movie

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