Facebook, real-time feed, user data

Facebook offers real-time feed of user data to online and TV news | PCWorld: "Facebook revealed a new tool that enables news organisations to tap into user comments and display them online or on TV in real-time. The social network launched two tools on Monday, the Keyword Insights API (application programming interface) and the Public Feed API, it said in a blog post. The Public Feed API displays a real-time feed of public posts for a specific word, while the Keyword Insights API aggregates the total number of posts that mention a specific term in a given period, Facebook said. The keyword API is also able to display anonymous, aggregated results based on gender, age and location, the company added. A TV show can for instance use this option to include how many people on Facebook talked about a topic and show where they are located while showing if it is most popular among men or women and in which age groups, Facebook said." http://newsroom.fb.com/News/706/New-Tools-for-Surfacing-Conversations-on-Facebook

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Ads, Technology, Real Time Bidding

The Evolution of Ad Tech | MIT Technology Review: The big promise of real-time bidding in online advertising is increased efficiency, increased effectiveness, and ultimately, increased profits for the advertiser and a tidy sum for the publisher as well. And it’s that promise that has poured so much cash and attention into the ad tech space. “It’s about getting marketers closer to their customers. The ability to give them more information about their audience so they can make more informed decisions, both with regard to when and where they deliver their message, and at what price,” said Edward Montes, CEO of Digilant. Kirk McDonald, President of Pubmatic, added, “It’s not art or science or going from ‘Mad Men’ to ‘Math Men’. It’s about balancing art and science for balanced decisions.” Both Pubmatic and Digilant are players in the complex new system of ad tech companies facilitating RTB. . . (read more at link above)

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Another 1.8 Million People Just Ditched Cable TV

Another 1.8 Million People Just Ditched Cable TV - Yahoo! Finance: " . . .  overall, the numbers of people who pay for any type of TV service are in decline, according to Multichannel news: There were 366,000 total net losses across all TV/broadband subs in Q2, according to SNL Kagan. Cable TV suppliers lost 1.8 millions subs. But telco companies — internet providers who also supply cable TV, in other words — gained 400,000. 911,000 U.S. homes have cut the cord in the past year, according to MoffettNathanson. The rate of losses is increasing   . . . "

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Mobile advertising, Twitter, MoPub

Driving mobile advertising forward: welcoming MoPub to the Flock | Twitter Blogs: "The two major trends in the ad world right now are the rapid consumer shift toward mobile usage, and the industry shift to programmatic buying. Twitter sits at the intersection of these, and we think by bringing MoPub’s technology and team to Twitter, we can further drive these trends for the benefit of consumers, advertisers, and agencies."

MoPub + Twitter :: MoPub: "MoPub has agreed to be acquired by Twitter. Like MoPub, Twitter has been “mobile first” since their inception, which makes our two companies a natural match."

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Google+ Hangouts On Air, Live Rewind, Immediate Processing and Publishing

Google+ Hangouts On Air Now Process Videos During Recording, Allowing For Live Rewind And Immediate Publishing | TechCrunch: "Today, viewers can now rewind your broadcast no matter where they are during the live filming process. Additionally, On Air videos will immediately be published instead of carrying the normal waiting period where you’ll get the infamous “processing…” dialogue."

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FTC Staff Updates COPPA FAQs

FTC Staff Updates its COPPA FAQs, Providing Crucial Guidance for Covered Operators | Morrison & Foerster LLP - JDSupra: "Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) issued crucial reading for operators of websites, apps, plug-ins, ad networks and other online services (together, “Services”) that are subject to its recently revised rule implementing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“Rule”)"

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Startup Yekra, AffiliateConnect

Startup News: Brooklyn Navy Yard Goes Startup, Bitcoins Meet Giftcards, And Google Wants Women (For a Meetup) | Betabeat: "Film Startup Gains Investors Digital distribution service Yekra, known for its “AffiliateConnect” feature which allows studios, networks, and filmmakers to build movie for specific audiences by genre or topic, announced it raised $3 million in a recent round of seed funding from Angel Maurice Gallagher and Bray Capital."    http://www.yekra.com

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Future of the Internet is video

Why Online Video Just Took One More Big Step to Legitimacy: . . . . If you want to understand my thesis behind Maker you can read this article that outlines the trend, but in summary:
  • People watch 5.3 hours of TV / day. They read less than 30 minutes. You can’t change media consumption patterns easily. The future of the Internet is video. Full stop.
  • Production costs have fallen more than 90%. Distribution costs have, too. This is classic “Innovator’s Dilemma” market conditions.
  • My estimate is that the top 5 YouTube networks will do > $200 million net revenue in 2013 (after Google’s share)
  • These same top networks – Maker, Machinima, Zefr, FullScreen, BigFrame – and the like have create nearly 1,000 new tech / media jobs in LA in the past 3 years alone. . . .(read more at first link above)
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Video Distribution Platform Brightcove, Streaming Module For Live Events

Video Distribution Platform Brightcove Announces A Streaming Module For Live Events | TechCrunch: The brilliantly named Brightcove Video Cloud Live module allow Brightcove customers to manage live events with many of the same features as their on-demand video streams. The module will provide high-quality, multi-bit rate streams to PCs, smartphones, tablets, and even connected TV devices. And it’ll do so all within the same distribution platform that their existing on-demand library uses. So they’ll be able to take advantage of the same analytics, monetization, and other features available from Brightcove. Customers will also be able to create an on-demand version of a live stream instantly after an event is over, enabling them to manage the full lifecycle of an event all in one platform. (read more at link above)

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Why we need Google Fiber everywhere, US ISP customer satisfaction rankings pathetic

American ISP customer satisfaction rankings: lower than airlines | BGR: "Comcast lay at the very bottom of the American ISP customer satisfaction heap, with an overall score of just 62 out of 100. It was followed closely by Time Warner Cable, which had an overall score of 63, and CenturyLink, which had an overall score of 64. In fact, the only major American ISP to score above a 70 on the ACSI this year was Verizon FiOS, which posted a score of 71. How bad are these numbers? Consider that other than ISPs, only three other industries posted average scores of under 70: Airlines, subscription television service and Internet social media companies. The fact that only one major ISP could top even this minimal threshold speaks to deep dissatisfaction with the state of America’s home broadband market."

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YouTube Dominates Global Streaming, Netflix in North America

Netflix Dominates North American Streaming, YouTube Wins Global Crown | News & Opinion | PCMag.com: "On fixed networks in North America, Netflix is the "unchallenged leader" when it comes to traffic, controlling 32.3 percent of downstream traffic during peak periods. Coming in second is YouTube, with 17.1 percent of peak downstream traffic in North America, up from 13.8 percent last year. Globally, however, YouTube is the leader when it comes to fixed and mobile networks, making the Google-owned video site "the leading source of Internet traffic in the entire world," Sandvine said." (read more at link above)

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YouTube will use Google VP9 video codec

Google's VP9 video codec nearly done; YouTube will use it | Internet & Media - CNET News: "Google plans to finish defining its VP9 video codec on June 17, providing a date on which the company will be able to start using the next-generation compression technology in Chrome and on YouTube. "Last week, we hosted over 100 guests at a summit meeting for VP9, the WebM Project's next-generation open video codec. We were particularly happy to welcome our friends from YouTube, who spoke about their plans to support VP9 once support lands in Chrome," Matt Frost, senior business product manager for the WebM Project, said in a blog post Friday. WebM is Google's project for freeing Web video from royalty constraints; the WebM technology at present combines VP8 with the Vorbis audio codec. Google unveiled WebM three years ago at the Google I/O show, but VP8 remains a relative rarity compared to today's dominant video codec, H.264." (read more at link above)

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Top 10 worldwide brands on YouTube (most viewed videos)

Top 10 worldwide brands on YouTube | ZDNet:  (in terms of most viewed videos)
1: Atlantic Records
2: Warner Bros records
3: Rovio Entertainment is the media company responsible for creating Angry Birds. The channel gives up-to-date news on Angry Birds and Angry Birds Toons.
4: SM (Star Museum) Entertainment is a South Korean record label and talent agency channel
5: RS Official - RS is a Thai entertainment company and record label
6: Galinha Pintadinha (a Brazilian channel which shows musical cartoons for children)
7: The Red Bull 
8: Vale music (Spanish)
9: Domino Records 
10: Sony Music India
(read more at link above)

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Popular streaming channels: Netflix: The king of movie and TV show streaming. $7.99/mo. YouTube: User-submitted videos and some original programming. Free. Hulu Plus: TV shows days after they air and some movies. $7.99/mo. Amazon Prime: A strong Netflix competitor with other Amazon benefits. $79/year. Crackle: Movies and TV mostly from Sony's library. Free. Vudu: Movie rental site owned by Walmart. Fees per movie

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