Google Bets on Original Content (Video)

Google's Big Bet on Original Content: Video - Bloomberg: "June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries' Paul Sweeney reports on YouTube's original content programming on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)"

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Why Apple does not care about your living room

Apple does not care about your living room | ZDNet: " . . . Apple's model with iOS has two strands -- apps, and content. Apps don't belong on a TV at all, other than those that frame delivery of audio/video content. This is because apps are very intimate, very private affairs. Your Facebook stream is your Facebook stream, no one else's. Tablets are consumed in the same way that people consume a good book. (In fact, tablets only became popular when we learnt how to make them about the same size, weight, and have the same level of simplicity as a book.) Think reclining on a sofa with either a tablet or a book -- both are equally pleasant. In a living room on their own, no one is going to want to throw Twitter up on the TV screen X metres away when it's more comfortable right in front of your face. . . ." (read more at link above)

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Katzenberg’s Netflix Motivation

Signing with Netflix: Mr. Katzenberg’s Motivation - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ: "After co-founding DreamWorks SKG with partners David Geffen and Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg took the start-up studio’s animation unit public in 2004. But that year turned out to be the peak of the DVD sales boom and the subsequent decline not least owing to a double digit drop in U.S. home entertainment spending. In addition, since virtually all of DreamWorks’ revenue comes from its two or three yearly releases, a single flop like “Rise of the Guardians,” can batter stock prices. DreamWorks Animation shares dropped 13% around the opening of “Guardians.” Since early 2010, the stock is down 45%. Katzenberg’s solution: Turn DreamWorks Animation into a multi-media family entertainment company."

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Hollywood Beware - Inside YouTube's $25M Studio (Video)

Hollywood Beware: Inside YouTube's $25M Studio: Video - Bloomberg: "June 13 (Bloomberg) -- YouTube Space LA is a state of the art production facility in Los Angeles designed to produce original YouTube content. Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton takes us on an exclusive tour of the $25 million production facility. (Source: Bloomberg)"

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Time Warner Cable paying to keep TV off the web?

Time Warner Cable reportedly paying producers to keep TV off the web (update) | The Verge: "While there's a growing population of cord-cutters — those who get their TV from the internet rather than traditional cable services — there's still a large amount of content (like sports and HBO) that just isn't available online in a timely fashion. According to Bloomberg, that's partly because cable companies like Time Warner Cable are offering incentives to media companies and content providers to keep their shows off of internet services. Bloomberg's unnamed sources said those incentives were typically either more money or the threat of dropping programming from the media company, though there were no specific examples of companies that have been strongarmed in such a fashion."

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Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predict massive implosion in film industry

"It's not going to have cable or broadcast," Lucas said. "It's going to be the internet television." (source infra)

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predict ‘massive implosion’ in film industry | The Verge: " . . . . Despite the chaos, both men see the changes as something the industry will overcome, with Lucas taking particular relish in the opportunities the disruption is providing — adamantly stating that "now is the best time we can possibly have." Comparing the industry's panic over fleeting DVD sales and crumbling business models to the 2008 economic crash, he stressed that now is the time to look forward. "It's a mess. It's total chaos," Lucas said. "But out of that chaos will come some really amazing things. And right now there are amazing opportunities for young people coming into the industry to say, ‘Hey, I think I'm going to do this and there's nobody to stop me.'" "It's because all the gatekeepers have been killed!""

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Google Surpassing Apple in Mobile Profits (video)

Google Surpassing Apple in Mobile Profits: Adgate: Video - Bloomberg: "June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Brad Adgate, director of research at Horizon Media, discusses how YouTube was able to triple its mobile ad sales and how important that success is to Google's bottom line. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance.""

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Google Wallet Losing Money

Google Wallet Is Leaking Money - Businessweek: "For Google, the goal wasn’t to generate fee revenue from the transactions, as banks, PayPal (EBAY), and other companies do. The idea was to collect data on consumer habits and target ads to them. Google pays such high fees to the credit-card companies it works with, though, that it loses money on every transaction, says Osama Bedier, who stepped down as head of Wallet on May 20 and will shortly leave the company."

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YouTube automates task for marketers buying ads

Google’s YouTube Triples Mobile Sales Amid Wireless Shift - Bloomberg: " . . . . Ad Shift - Seeking to make it easy for companies to shift advertising to mobile video, YouTube automates the task for marketers buying advertising, splitting airtime between computer browsers and mobile devices, Watson said. Companies can also opt out of multiscreen advertising, he said. Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), the video-game maker, is looking to expand commercials on mobile devices, according to Christine De Martini, social marketing and media manager at the company. “YouTube as a video platform is a definitely a key one for our products,” De Martini said. “I would anticipate as mobile consumption continues to grow, we’ll have to find ways to make sure that we reach our audiences on whatever platforms they’re on.”"

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YouTube Triples Mobile Sales

Google’s YouTube Triples Mobile Sales Amid Wireless Shift - Bloomberg: " . . . About a quarter of YouTube’s 1 billion global users now access the service via handheld devices, spurring a increase in promotional spending to reach that audience, according to Lucas Watson, vice president of sales at YouTube. The growth in mobile video-ad sales, disclosed for the first time in an interview, indicates YouTube is making headway in efforts to attract marketing dollars and challenge rivals such as Hulu LLC. With faster wireless networks and accelerating adoption of smartphones and tablets, U.S. mobile video-ad sales are projected to expand to $2.69 billion in 2017, increasing more than 10-fold from last year, according to EMarketer Inc. “The commercial business has exploded,” Watson said in an interview. “It’s a huge part of our business, and we know that’s where it’s headed.”. . . ."

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Add YouTube slow-motion effect to your videos

YouTube now lets you add slow-motion effect to your videos | VentureBeat: "YouTube has just added a new “slowmo” tool to its YouTube Editor enhancements, which does pretty much exactly what it sounds like. “You’ll get a smooth, slomo video that makes it look like it was filmed with a high-speed camera,” the site states on the YouTube creator’s blog. Why would you want to transform your video into slow motion? Well, my guess is about 90 percent of the time it’ll be for comedic effect, and 1 percent devoted to classic rap music videos. The remaining 9 percent of the time it’ll be used in conjunction with YouTube’s other video tools (cropping, audio editing, transitions, etc.) when trying to create something artistic. And apparently, slow-motion videos are quite popular on YouTube, with the site even pointing out that YouTube channel partners The Slow Mo Guys having over 2 million subscribers."

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BuzzFeed, CNN, YouTube Plan Online-Video Channel

BuzzFeed, CNN, YouTube Plan Online-Video Channel - "BuzzFeed is accelerating its efforts to become a news destination for young adults, joining with CNN and YouTube to create a new, online-video channel. On Tuesday, BuzzFeed will unveil "CNN BuzzFeed," a YouTube channel based on content from CNN, including archival and current content, that is designed to be shared over social-media networks. . ."

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Even the Ivy League to have digital sports network

Ivy League joins digital trend | Loeb & Loeb LLP - JDSupra: "The Ivy League this month announced that it will join the Big Ten and the PAC-12 in launching its own digital sports network, giving fans of the conference and its teams unprecedented access to their favorite team’s home and away games from a single Internet-based platform. The newest digital network, which subscribers can access over the Internet through, will provide channels for each of the eight league schools . . ."

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