Take Action: Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen

Take Action: Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen
Tell the world's governments you support a free and open web athttp://www.google.com/takeaction.

International meeting agenda threatens Internet freedom
One of the most powerful platforms for transmitting our ideas is the free and openInternet. However, an upcoming international meeting is threatening the freedom of the Internet. On December 03, 2012, government regulators from around the world will...


Commentary: Knowing when to walk away: The U.N. and Internet freedom
Victoria Times Colonist
The Obama administration, having articulated the right stance, must be careful not to let pressure to reach an agreement lead it to accept undue interference with Internet freedom. The U.S. must articulate clear red-lines and, should they be crossed ...

'Father of the internet': Why we must fight for its freedom - CNN.com
The internet empowers each one of us to speak, create, learn and share. Today, more than two billion people are online — about a third of the planet.

Join us to Protect Internet Freedom | openmedianow.net
Internet freedom advocates backed by citizens and organizations from all over the world have been demanding openness that is so desperately needed in talks ...

ISPs Attack Internet Freedom
ISPs attack, the world is divided in two groups. One group is advocating the Internet freedom and other one endorses the ways in which ISPs attack the Internet ...

Issa's Plan to Hold Back the Flood of Internet Regulation « Internet ...
With each passing year, Washington's appetite for Internet regulation grows. While “Hands Off the Net!” was a popular rallying cry just a decade ago—and was ...

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