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How YouTube could ignite streaming music: Go mobile, go free | Internet & Media - CNET News: " . . . . YouTube is already the dominant, legal source of music, especially for younger people, and that's precisely the audience the labels want to capture. A Nielsen "Music 360" report from last August found that fully 64 percent of teens listen to music through YouTube rather than any other source. Moreover, YouTube boasts 800 million unique monthly viewers. If YouTube can migrate even a sliver of those to a mobile service and lure a portion of them to pay, it will very quickly outflank all rival services. Much work is still to be done, of course, and temperamental music execs could still scuttle the deal and trip up Google's plans. Or Google could come out with a bad product. Or Google's move could end up educating the masses, helping fuel growth for the likes of Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, and the many others. Or Apple's long-rumored iRadio could turn into something meatier and upstage Google's efforts. But for now, Google, the company that has irritated so many in the record industry for so long, is looking like the labels' best bet to hitch a ride on what looks like an unstoppable migration to mobile."

YouTube to launch music streaming service, take on Spotify - Fortune Tech: "YouTube, the world's largest digital repository of streaming media, will launch a subscription music service later this year. The service has its own negotiating team and operating unit but will likely have some overlap with new features also rumored to be coming to Google's Android music platform, Google Play. The two new services are defined by their respective places in the Google (GOOG) empire: Google Play for Android is a digital locker for music -- users buy, store, and sort a collection of tracks; but on YouTube's coming service, anyone can listen to tracks for free. Both services are said to be adding a subscription fee that will unlock additional features. For the YouTube-based service, this will likely mean ad-free access. . . ."

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Popular streaming channels: Netflix: The king of movie and TV show streaming. $7.99/mo. YouTube: User-submitted videos and some original programming. Free. Hulu Plus: TV shows days after they air and some movies. $7.99/mo. Amazon Prime: A strong Netflix competitor with other Amazon benefits. $79/year. Crackle: Movies and TV mostly from Sony's library. Free. Vudu: Movie rental site owned by Walmart. Fees per movie

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