Digital on Demand TV vs Cable TV

"So, we haven't had cable TV in something like 5 years now. Today I got to see how that goes with a child who has NEVER had cable and only knows Netflix.. I was at the doctor with "J" and she was watching Spongebob on Nickelodeon. All the sudden she says "I don't want to watch this, I want to watch Dora, or no Diego" She grabs the TV remote and starts trying to figure out how to stop the show and pick something else. When I tell her this is the kind of TV that you can't change to a different Nick show, she looks at me like 0_o and says "Whaaaaat?" I have raised a digital, on demand child. To her, live cable TV is what black and white TV was to our generation" (from comment on Tech News Today shownotes archive #2)

Apple may want Yahoo to displace Google - CBS News: "According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the two companies are discussing potential deals that might include Yahoo delivering more of its Web content to Apple. That move shows two things about Apple's current situation. One is that management is as wary of, and maybe even as angry at, Google as it has ever been, absent a legendary Steve Jobs full-on rage. The other is that Apple has a major weakness that will require a major acquisition -- like Yahoo -- to bolster."

Judge to halt broadcast streaming service | Variety: "Los Angeles federal court is ordering a halt to a start up company’s service that offers streaming of broadcast signals to the Internet and mobile devices, delivering a victory to the networks as they seek to protect their revenue stream from retransmission fees. Alki David, the colorful entrepreneur who already has faced broadcasters when he offered digital streaming of broadcast signals via his company FilmOn, had launched a new service last summer, dubbed Aereokiller, that provided local stations via remote digital antennas. His company defended the service as legal given a decision by a New York federal court in July to allow startup Aereo to continue to offer digital broadcast signals in the New York market . . ."

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Popular streaming channels: Netflix: The king of movie and TV show streaming. $7.99/mo. YouTube: User-submitted videos and some original programming. Free. Hulu Plus: TV shows days after they air and some movies. $7.99/mo. Amazon Prime: A strong Netflix competitor with other Amazon benefits. $79/year. Crackle: Movies and TV mostly from Sony's library. Free. Vudu: Movie rental site owned by Walmart. Fees per movie

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