The Battle To Control Online Video - The Battle To Control Online Video. Nielsen President Steve Hasker explains how the web's major players are competing for video viewership and what this means for the future of TV.

How online video stream quality affects viewer behavior
Science Codex
They conducted the first large-scale study of its kind to quantitatively demonstrate how video stream quality causes changes in viewer behavior. "Video stream quality is a very big topic of interest," says Sitaraman. "Anyone who provides online video ...

Science Codex

Vimeo releases six videos for pay-to-view service preview
Vimeo, owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp, is a video-sharing Web site that allows users to upload and stream video. It started out as a way for filmmakers to share their creative work and has evolved to reach a global audience of about 85 million people ...

YouTube Update Connects Android Devices, Google TV
PC Magazine
Truly putting the "tube" in YouTube, the Google-owned video service has updated its Android app to allow users to more easily send YouTube videos to Google TV. Announced today, the update for the Android and Google TV YouTube app automatically ...

Netflix Users Watch Less Regular TV: Nielsen
Multichannel News
Netflix subscribers watch 11% fewer minutes of television per day than nonsubscribers -- and their Internet video usage is a commensurately bigger chunk of their media diet, according to Nielsen. In the second quarter of 2012, Netflix users watched an ...

Multichannel News

Vimeo Bows Transactional VOD Film Slate
Home Media Magazine
Vimeo Nov. 13 launched a slate of six films on its nascent transactional video-on-demand platform that allows users to stream movies and documentaries via smart phones, tablets, and connected TVs with Vimeo's apps. Filmmakers upload content, set ...

Is Streaming Video Killing Filesharing?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The dominance of Netflix in the U.S. where it is the biggest source of peak Internet traffic, has attracted most attention for the latest survey from Canadian network hardware company Sandvine. But the report also has a European perspective. Wired ...

Google adds music and movies to Google TV in UK, France and Germany
San Francisco Luxury News
LG Smart TV with Google TV (G2 Series) with 5-mode G2 Magic Remote. Photo: AFP From Tuesday, viewers in Europe will be able to download and stream movies and music on their TVs from the Google Play Store. Google TV, accessed via a set-top box or ...

Should Carl Icahn Really Scare Netflix? Yep.
The drama surrounding Netflix is at a fever pitch. The company, despite stabilizing a bit and seeing its streaming grow, is trying to fend off Carl Icahn, one of the most tech-hungry activist investors out there. If you haven't been following the drama ...

YouTube Adds AirPlay-Like Functionality For Google TV With An ...
By Ryan Lawler
Online video site YouTube is huge online and in the browser, but not quite as big on the biggest screen in people's homes — the TV. Partly that's because the user experience isn't as good, as users are forced to navigate around billions of ...

Vimeo Shows Off Upcoming Pay-To-View Service, Coming 2013
By Harrison Weber
Following the launch of tip jar, Vimeo is now demoing its upcoming pay-to-view service with select filmmakers before releasing the feature to PRO members in early 2013. As we explained in September when Vimeo first shared its plans to ...
The Next Web

Google Improves The YouTube/Google TV Experience | WebProNews
By Chris Crum
“With the updated YouTube app for Android and Google TV rolling out today, you can play any video from your phone or tablet YouTube app on your TV with just one button,” a YouTube spokesperson tells WebProNews. “The feature will be ...
Top News - WebProNews

Dead Media Beat: Lev Manovich, "There Is No Digital Media, There Is Only Software" | Beyond The Beyond | “It is important to make it clear that I am not saying that today all the differences between different media types – continuous tone images, vector images, simple text, formatted text, 3D models, animations, video, maps, music, etc. – are completely determined by application software. Obviously, these media types have different representational and expressive capabilities; they can produce different emotional effects; they are processed by different sensors and networks of neurons in the brain; . . .  Let’s go though one example in detail. “As the example of media type, we will use a photograph. In the analog era, once a photograph was printed, all the information was ‘fixed’. Looking at this photograph at home, in an exhibition, or in a book did not affect this information. Certainly, a photographer could produce a different print with a higher or a lower contrast or use a different paper – but this resulted in a physically different object, i.e., a new photographic print that contained different information. (For example, some details were lost if the contrast was increased.) “So what happens with a digital photograph? We can take a photo with a dedicated digital camera or capture it with a mobile phone, or scan it from an old book. In every case, we end with a file that contains an array of pixels which hold color values, and a file header that specifies image dimensions, color profile, information about the camera and shot conditions such as exposure, and other metadata. In other words, we end up with what is normally called ‘digital media’ – a file containing numbers which represent the details of some scene or an object."

Mozilla reinvents online video with Popcorn Maker 1.0 (blog)
Engaging with video journalism on the web is no longer about tilting your laptop screen just so, leaning back with a bowl of crunchy, salty kernels, and perhaps sharing the odd link. Now, with Popcorn Maker 1.0, anyone can remix and add context to ...

Online video revolution
A POWERFUL clue has emerged that South Africans are finally beginning to get affordable broadband: one of the three most popular international websites in this country is YouTube – beaten only by Google and Facebook in amount of traffic from South ...

YouTube Lower Interest In Original Internet TV Channels
World Internet TV on PC (blog)
YouTube's initiative of funding original ad-supported content as a means of competing with 'traditional' TV methods is set to go downhill a little, as they revealed that a year on from the feature's initial launch date, the level of content will be cut ...

World Internet TV on PC (blog)

Techonomy: Nielsen Exec Mulls The Outlook For Online Video
Amazon is making a play in both streaming and pay per view video; video has become a key part of the Facebook experience; and if you believe the rumors, Apple is getting ready to enter the television market, likely with access to plenty of online video.

Luxury car brands shifting gears, moving ads to online video
Luxury automobile makers have put the pedal to the metal and veered off in the direction of online video advertising, making a beeline for affluent consumers and particularly men who are increasingly using online sites to define their buying behavior.

YouTube for Google TV gets AirPlay-like functionality
Google TV just got a little more Apple-like: Android users can now use AirPlay-like functionality to send videos from their mobile phones and tablets to their Google TV devices. Google has said that it wants to bring that functionality to other ...


Wikia adds online video library for wikis
Rapid tv news
Collaborative media wiki-hosting website Wikia has unveiled the Lightbox multimedia player to enable members to publish video content. The Wikia Lightbox will feature nearly 100,000 videos and 14 million photos, including content from premium partners ...

Online Video Matures, Joins Forces With TV | Digiday
By Digiday
Online video and television advertising are no longer vying for the same marketing dollars, according to a new survey. Instead, online video has matured into a complement for television, planned and bought in tandem with the old-school ...

J2 Global Makes Digital Media Acquisition
Los Angeles Business Journal
Business communication company j2 Global Inc. announced Monday that it has acquired digital media company Ziff Davis Inc. J2 paid $167 million in cash for the New York company, which owns and operates news and product review websites such as ...

Superstorm Sandy a Watershed for Online News Coverage
"We saw several stations experience record growth in terms of various metrics -- page views, visits, streams -- both desktop and mobile," said Ron Stitt; vice president of digital media and internet operations with Fox. "End-user consumption of video ...

Digital media vets launch social family travel site MiniTime, backed by $1m in ...
The Next Web (blog)
A couple of experienced digital media entrepreneurs have teamed up to build a new social travel site catered to families called MiniTime. The venture is backed by $1 million in seed funding from investors like former Yahoo (Interim) CEO Ross Levinsohn...

The Next Web (blog)

Adap.TV: Tech Improvements Leading to Higher Video Ad Spending
Online video advertising company has released its 2012 fourth quarter state of the industry report, and the news this time is that video ad spending is way up and technology is driving it. Surveying agencies, brands, and trading desks, ...

LG adds HTML5 support for smart TV developer platform
Rapid tv news
LG adds HTML5 support for smart TV developer platform. Michelle Clancy | 13-11-2012. LG Electronics has added HTML5 support for its Pro:Centric IPTV platform for the hospitality industry. Many of the new applications developed using HTML5 leverage its ...

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