YouTube plans to offer 'pay-for-TV' service

Online video giant YouTube plans to offer 'pay-for-TV' service
YouTube doesn't want to kill-off the humble television set – but you'll soon be able to pay to watch your favourite TV shows on the hugely popular website. That was the message from a senior executive at the Google-owned video sharing giant yesterday,...


Keeping your kids safe Online (VIDEO)
Keeping your kids safe Online (VIDEO). While parents have more confidence when it comes to their home PCs, new research has found that their ability to monitor activity on smartphone devices is an increasing cause for concern. 11th October 2012 ...

Utah County videomakers spark a viral explosion
Salt Lake Tribune
Online video » Filmmakers from Provo and Orem are making a big splash — and making money — on YouTube. By Sean P. Means. | The Salt Lake Tribune. First Published Oct 10 2012 05:13 pm • Updated 32 minutes ago. There's a viral outbreak erupting in ...

YouTube Now Offers More In-Depth Analytics, Including Time Watched And ...
YouTube just announced a number of updates that will allow video creators to see more in-depth analytics for how users are watching their videos. YouTube's analytics now, for example, put a stronger emphasis on audience engagement and allow publishers ...

Spotify App Coming to Samsung Smart TV Sets in Europe
PC Magazine
New users can experience the service free for a limited time, and it will be open to existing Spotify Premium users with a compatible Samsung Internet-capable Smart TV. The app will initially be available on the Samsung Smart TV 2012 E Series ...

BeoVision 11 is Bang & Olufsen's first Smart TV
Bang & Olufsen has launched its first smart TV, the BeoVision 11, up to 55-inches of media-streaming LCD pleasure clad in the Danish company's typically minimalistic design. Available in 40-, 46-, and 55-inch sizes, all running at Full HD 1080p ...


Library may offer digital media lab to residents
Fergus Falls Daily Journal
The Fergus Falls Public Library is hoping to soon take a small step into what staff believes is part of the future of libraries: content creation. The city's public works and safety committee approved on Tuesday Fergus Falls Library Director Erin Smith ...

Viacom: This Entertainment Giant Will Still Be Relevant In The World Of ...
Seeking Alpha
A lot of the larger media companies have been out of favor because of some perceptions that they will have trouble to make the full transition to digital media. There are concerns that they will not be able to keep monetizing their content with the ...

For Debates, Online Video Is Second Screen but Not Second Fiddle
But what sets the 2012 contest apart, and what will perhaps make it a key turning point in the evolution of streaming media, is how Google, Yahoo and AOL suspended their usual competition for online eyeballs and instead collaborated on streaming the ...

YouTube Makes International Push Into High Quality Localised Video Channels
Multilingual Search
In an interview with Peter Kafka from All Things D, YouTube Channel Guide Robert Kyncl referred to the strategy of the video site as a “car on the freeway”: 1st launches in 2005 as a generic version available everywhere in the world.
Multilingual Search

The Plaid Press: Muslim YouTube video causes tension
The 14-minute short film, “The Innocence of Muslims,” sparked a string of religious riots throughout the Muslim world beginning on September 11, 2012. In response, many Islamic countries have taken measures to shut down or block the video from the public.

Rehab after breast cancer treatment
Alert icon. Loading... Published on Oct 10, 2012 by CNN. HLN's Susan Hendricks reports on the side effects of breast cancer treatment and how rehabilitation can help. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at ...
YouTube polar bears take on Coke, sugary sodas (blog)
"The Real Bears" on YouTube features a family of polar bears that goes from swilling soda to spilling into the sea after experiencing obesity, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and foot amputation. It's a newvideo campaign launched by the Center for ...

YouTube Creator Blog: YouTube Analytics now includes Time ...
By YouTube Creator Blog
Understanding what your audience likes is key to building a successful YouTube channel, so we've created more tools to help you interpret the performance of your videos. Here are some improvements we've made to YouTube Analytics in ...
YouTube Creator Blog

YouTube Has New Analytics Features | WebProNews
By Chris Crum
YouTube Analytics Views. The beta version of the Annotations report lets you view data on the performance of video annotations, with additional insights on viewer click and close rates.
Top News - WebProNews

YouTube Mobile Views Up 400% In 18 Months - SocialTimes
By Megan O'Neill
Consumers are watching more online video on mobile devices than ever before and, as a result, “mobile has increased from 6% to 25% in the last 18 months across the whole of YouTube.” Business Insider's Owen Thomas reports that “that ...

[Infographic] YouTube's Top 1,000 Channels Reveal An Industry ...
By Fruzsina Eördögh
YouTube is still the pesky younger sibling of television, which is the wicked uncle of Hollywood. But the social video site is slowly becoming a formidable medium in its own right, creating new business models and spheres of influence for ...

10 Gross YouTube Videos That'll Make Your Skin Crawl [NSFW]
Anyone can upload YouTube videos, which can lead to some pretty unpleasant content. Here ...

Toys R Us Launches Online Video Streaming ... - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Kids' retailer Toys R Us has launched online video streaming service called

Flash Daily: Anno Online Video Previews Promising Flash Game
Anno Online Video Previews Promising Flash Game · View the discussion thread . — 2 ...

New book reminds us why we loved Netflix
One reason they won't is that all the warts are exposed. Author Gina Keating, a former Reuters reporter who covered the company for years, dispels some of the Netflix myths. She writes that CEO Reed Hastings had less to do with coming up with the idea ...

Netflix Will Caption All Streaming Videos by 2014, Per Settlement
Netflix and the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) have reached an agreement that will see the company close caption every single one of their streaming videos by September 30th, 2014. According to the NAD, this landmark settlement will hopefully ...

The Bull And Bear Case For Netflix And Why Bears Will Win
Seeking Alpha
Netflix (NFLX) had an impressive run up (up by 35%) in the first week of October. Monday saw an upgrade from Morgan Stanley due to which the company's shares surged to $74. The shares are now back to $65 due to the Bank of America downgrading ...

What's a Netflix Shareholder To Do?
Fox Business
The bears were quick to hush the optimism this week, though, with Moody's saying it has put Netflixon review for a downgrade and Bank of America (BAC) slapping the company with an “underperform” rating from a “buy.” The latter cited the recent run-up ...

GMI Ratings Governance Update | Netflix, Inc.
Business Insider
Netflix, Inc. stock prices recently surged, only to plunge once again. If the Los Gatos, Calif. video subscription company can't stage a consistent comeback after months of travail, shareholders will find it challenging to make its senior managers ...

Hulu Struggles To Survive The Influence Of Its Parent Companies
Fast Company
It's an unseasonably warm summer day, and Jason Kilar is "in the zone," as he puts it, buzzing around his Santa Monica, California, headquarters, putting the final touches on a massive redesign of Hulu, the streaming TV and movie service he runs ...

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Popular streaming channels: Netflix: The king of movie and TV show streaming. $7.99/mo. YouTube: User-submitted videos and some original programming. Free. Hulu Plus: TV shows days after they air and some movies. $7.99/mo. Amazon Prime: A strong Netflix competitor with other Amazon benefits. $79/year. Crackle: Movies and TV mostly from Sony's library. Free. Vudu: Movie rental site owned by Walmart. Fees per movie

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