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YouTube Creator Blog: Keep your audience engaged with InVideo ...
By YouTube Creator Blog
chapsks October 25, 2012 8:10 PM. Thanks, this is NICE feature, and if you can also allow one external URL than it could be the best combo, like I want to show case my blog on my YouTube channel using In-video Programming! ReplyDelete ...
YouTube Creator Blog

YouTube Adds Tools To Help Promote Your Videos - hypebot
By Bruce Houghton
YouTube just launched a set of three features dubbed InVideo Programming that allows creators to feature a video across their video library. Creators can also promote their channel branding across allvideos. Branding can be changed with a ...

New local internet TV station to showcase Lincolnshire filmmakers
This is Lincolnshire
ESP TV is a Lincolnshire-based internet television station that will run programmes featuring and created by local people. Upcoming shows include a documentary of a local historian travelling across the county on his tricycle and plans are in place for ...

This is Lincolnshire

Third Annual Streamy Awards Set To Honor Excellence In Online Video
Holding the online video award show at the Hollywood landmark is on every level a symbolic act. The venue held The Grammy Awards for three years in the 70's and was instrumental in shaping the ceremony's breakaway success. Dick Clark Productions is ...


Increase Your Video ROI With In-Video 'Calls-To-Action'
Business Insider
The concept of deploying video online is no longer only a business model leveraged by big business.Online video technology company Viewbix, along with economic growth in the sector, are helping many small operations to change their business model to ...

The far-crying game: Far Cry 3 focused on story
The Daily Telegraph
At a recent preview of the game attended by, it was clear that Ubisoft Montreal have taken the task of creating Far Cry 3's story very seriously indeed. The game thrusts you into the shoes of a kidnapped American tourist named Jason Brody ...

China Telecom obtains online Video, IPTV licenses
Morning Whistle
China Telecom obtains online Video, IPTV licenses. China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) formally approved China Telecom's (NYSE: CHA;0728.HK) license applications for internet audiovisual services, IPTV transmissions ...

Morning Whistle

Joe wants to talk Israel with you – everywhere
Jerusalem Post
Online video project seeks to respond to delegitimization of Israel by engaging college-aged students. Joe's Israel video Photo: YouTube Screenshot. “My name is Joe, and I'm tired of people bashing Israel on campus,” the YouTube video begins, as a ...

Affiliate Marketing with Online Video – By Jake Ludington
By Colleen
According to the latest comScore Video Metrix report, U.S. Internet users watched 37.7 billion videos in August 2012. This affinity for video is an amazing opportunity to generate sales and leads from affiliate programs. As an affiliate, I see less.
Affiliate Magazine

Behind a viral Occupy video
Washington Post
Robert Stephens was a George Washington University law student whose family was living on the front lines of the housing crisis. When he heard about the first Occupy Wall Street protest he decided to head to New York and check it out. One viral video ...

YouTube Launches InVideo Programming To Boost Video And Channel Promotion
YouTube added a new way for users to promote their videos and channels today, with the launch of a new feature called InVideo Promotion. The feature was detailed on the YouTube Creator blog, where YouTube Product Manager Michael Rucker provided ...

Gangnam Style Is Now the Third Most Popular YouTube Video Ever. Here Are ...
The Atlantic
The Korean rapper who is responsible for inciting a global dance craze that is 2012's Macarena has entered elite territory. His 'Gangnam Style' video is now the third most-watched YouTube video of all time. Since it launched in July, the video has ...

Why We're Steering Clear Of Netflix
Seeking Alpha
However, increasing competition from HBO GO, Amazon Prime (AMZN), but mainly Hulu, are preventing subscriber growth acceleration. Netflix continues to boast an excellent TV lineup, but viewers seem more fixated on watching recent content via ...

Netflix, Crying Dads and Presidential Debates: Comments of the Week: Oct. 20 ...
First of all, thanks everyone for making the jump to LiveFyre for our new commenting system. If you're confused about how it works, check out an explanation here. But it seems like you've all got it down by now. We're glad to see new commenters getting ...


Advantages of Roku
Yahoo! News (blog)
Some people are still watching cable and satellite television, while others have moved over to Netflix,Hulu, and other web-based options. Roku, a digital media streaming device, is the latest craze among TV and music aficionados, and it can offer a ...

Amazon Putting A Hand In Every Cookie Jar, Going After Apple And The iPad Mini
Bezos is going after anyone, anywhere. His Amazon Prime video streaming service is a direct competitor to Netflix (in the release, the company announced it reached a licensing agreement with EPIX giving their users access to movies like The Avengers ...

LG Eschews Google TV in Favor of WebOS for New Smart TVs
According to WebOS Nation, LG was choosing between WebOS and Google TV, a platform that launched in 2010, but never truly gained its footing. LG reportedly chose WebOS because of concerns over Google's desire to exercise some control over the look ...


Netflix available now on Windows 8 and the Windows Store (video)
The Netflix Windows 8 app will be available for free from the Windows Store, but also comes pre-loaded on a range of devices. The app provides the same access to its content and features users expect, with the benefits of the new Windows 8 platform ...

Hulu Viewers on the Decline
About - News & Issues
However, although Hulu Plus is doing fine, it appears that that the free Hulu service has been experiencing a decline in viewed hours, including a 58% drop from March to August 2012. Industry analysts seem be at a loss as to why, but frankly, since ...

Digital Media Dreams, Elusive Profits
On the morning of Oct. 18, shortly after publishing a Newsweek cover story entitled, “Heaven Is Real,” editor-in-chief Tina Brown informed her staff that the magazine itself would soon be joining the afterlife. In a challenging environment for print ...

Digital media summit to be held at ISB, Hyderabad
Times of India
HYDERABAD: The Indian School of Business (ISB) is hosting the ISB Digital Summit at its Hyderabad campus on November 9 and 10, 2012. Speakers at the summit include leading faculty from top global B-schools and experts from Indian technology industry ...

LG TM2792 compact Smart TV goes on sale
LG may have a massive 84-inch smart TV for those with big rooms and deep pockets, but the company's TM2792 hopes to bring 3D and internet-connectivity to those with more humble aspirations. Measuring in at 27-inches, the “mini smart TV” announced ...


Is a Web OS Smart TV is in the works by LG?
Mobile Magazine
So what ever happened to WebOS? HP's WebOS certainly never managed to do all that well in the marketplace but it was still not a half-bad OS in reality. Luckily it has continued to live on as an open source project. Any chance we'll see it in any more ...

Mobile Magazine

A Week of Market Fluctuations for Pandora
New York Times (blog)
On Thursday, for example, it announced that it had joined a new coalition of technology and broadcasting companies to lobby for changes, along with Clear Channel Communications, theDigital Media Association and the Consumer Electronics Association.

Clover's Week: Connected TV's 5-year itch
Broadband TV News
For how long should you support a connected TV? The uncharitable would point to some brands and suggest it seems to be about six months as new features are brought in only on the latest models and owners of older sets are left to fend for themselves.

LG may keep webOS alive with new Smart TV next year
According to webOSNation, LG (06657011) is reportedly building a Smart TV with Gram (an open source webOS port) that will replace the company's NetCast Smart TVplatform. WebOSNation says the challenge will be porting apps such as Netflix (NFLX),...


Bang & Olufsen introduces BeoVision 11 Smart TV
Coolest Gadgets
Bang & Olufsen introduces BeoVision 11 Smart TV. by Edwin - on October 26th, 2012. Danish audio visual maestros Bang & Olufsen has come up with their very first foray into the Smart TV arena – with the introduction of the BeoVision 11. Arriving in US ...

Coolest Gadgets

LG looks towards webOS Smart TV | Ubergizmo
Smart TVs are starting to creep into our living rooms slowly but surely, thanks to a decent Internet connection that has made its way into just about every single ...

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