4K as Ultra HD

CEA officially brands 4K as Ultra HD, gets ready for a flood of new displays at CES
Now that HDTV is "the new normal" according to Nielsen (its most recent stats say more than 75 percent of US households have one) then naturally, it's time to upgrade to 4K. This week the Consumer Electronics Association officially dubbed such screens ...

Slate: Twitter for people who don’t like Twitter - DailyHerald.com: "Now, there’s a special landing page for NASCAR fans, twitter.com/#nascar, that features a carefully curated list of drivers, announcers, commentators and influential fans. That way, new tweets appear in the feed at a manageable pace, and you can peruse them without feeling like you’re in a NASCAR race yourself. Twitter has since repeated the NASCAR experiment on a larger scale with a succession of other televised events, from the Olympics to the presidential debates."

Top Facebook executive quits to join London's Tech City
LONDON (Reuters) - Joanna Shields, head of social media group Facebook's operations in Europe, is leaving to join a British government-sponsored venture to create London's answer to Silicon Valley. Tech City Investment Organisation was set up in April ...

Don't get fooled by fake Twitter accounts
Answer: As the political silly season winds into its closing weeks, the odds of getting fooled by a fabricated Twitter identity — and thereby looking like a dupe to friends and followers when you reply to or retweet something by the fraudster--may ...

Facebook campaign advertisements don't work, says new study
The Hill (blog)
Facebook advertisements are a popular way for candidates to connect with voters, but a recent academic study suggests they aren't actually that effective. Donald Green, a political science professor at Columbia University, and David Brookman, a ...

Twitter Alternative, App.net, Builds A Developer Ecosystem
Unlike services like Facebook and Twitter, which invited third-party developers to build on top of their platform and then turned around and offered competing services, App.net is conceived as a pure API—a set of programming instructions that let ...

NYC sees progress in quest to become tech capital
Seattle Post Intelligencer
To be sure, California's Bay Area — home of generations of digital giants, from Intel to Google to Twitter — is still front and center in tech's collective consciousness. ... Facebook is adding engineers to its New York marketing and recruiting presence.

Twitter Gives Saudi Arabia a Revolution of Its Own
New York Times
Open criticism of this country's royal family, once unheard-of, has become commonplace in recent months. Prominent judges and lawyers issue fierce public broadsides about large-scale government corruption and social neglect. Women deride the clerics ...
Twitter Boosts College Grades and Class Engagement [STUDY]
By Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Twitter makes students more engaged and makes writers better, according to a newly released study. ... 4 Comments. To leave a comment on this story, please log in with Facebook or Twitter ...

Facebook Exec Joanna Shields Departs for Economic Role in ...
By Tricia Duryee
Joanna Shields, Facebook's VP and managing director of the social network's operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, has left the company to become CEO of Tech City Investment Organisation, a high-tech economic development group in London, the Telegraph reports. Prior to joining Facebookin 2010, as CEO of Bebo Shields assisted its sale to ... (Lauren Goode); @MikeIsaac (Mike Isaac); @BonnieSCha (Bonnie Cha). A single RSS feed of all ATD Writers' Twitter accounts ...

Facebook Exec Leaves To Create Silicon Valley In The UK
By Ken Yeung
About the Author. Ken Yeung is a reporter for The Next Web based in San Francisco, CA. He carries around a big camera & likes to write about tech, startups, parties, and interesting people. Follow him on Twitter, on Facebook, and Google+.
The Next Web

Xbox Live removes Facebook & Twitter apps you weren't using ...
By Tom Cheredar
Microsoft is "retiring" two social media applications on its Xbox Live media platform.
VentureBeat » Games

Noel Clarke (NoelClarke) on Twitter
Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.

Smart TV Adoption Unsurprisingly Lagging in the US
Smart TV doodads are often at the forefront of feature lists on modern TVs. The ability to add a Skype camera for chat, to play Netflix, Hulu, and a host of other online content sounds enticing but according to a new study, the USA is one of the ...


Smart TV shipments up 15% worldwide
Shipments of smart televisions, capable of being connected to the internet, are forecast to grow 15% worldwide in 2012. Connected televisions accounted for more than 40% of shipments in Western Europe in the second quarter of 2012, with the highest ...


TV smarts — in a stick!
There's a lot nice things to be said for a “Smart” TV, that new generation of high-definition television with streaming media, Internet browsing and Facebook access built right in. A not nice thing, of course, is the premium you pay for said ...

Digital Media Pros Agree: Time For An Evolutionary Leap | CMO.com
Mobile and social media are moving into the next stage of their evolution as marketing vehicles–past adoption as engagement tools to become transaction ...

47 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed
By Fran Berkman
From a supersonic free fall to the Long Island town hall brawl, this past week was intense. Now that it's over and you have time to decompress, this is a perfect opportunity to add a few digital tools to your digital toolbox.
Mashable » Mobile

WAN-IFRA - Digital Media Asia: Get Social, Smart and Mobile
Asia's largest conference on new media, Digital Media Asia 2012, will be held from 27 to 29 November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will offer three one-day ...

SmartTV | SAMSUNG Developers
Our website offers SDK for different development platform and technical documents to enable developers to easily create applications for Samsung Smart TV ...

Netflix Finland accidentally used pirated subtitle streams
Netflix apologized and pulled the subs immediately: "We buy movies and TV shows from many different distributors. Generally they provide the subtitles. We're investigating how these subtitles were added to Andromeda. We have removed the series from ...


The Landscape of Online Television Is Changing
World Internet TV on PC (blog)
While cable and satellite operators increase the price on services, including the addition of value-added DVR services like the new DirecTV Genie, streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu continue to grow–mainly due to the fact that they are two of ...

World Internet TV on PC (blog)

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