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Ready for Marissa’s Closeup? Yahoo Is Considering Creating Its Own YouTube (And Poaching YouTube Stars). | Re/code: "...“Yahoo Screen was part one,” said one producer who has agreed to be part of Yahoo’s video effort, about its current offerings. “Now, this is part two.” For now, at least, Yahoo isn’t talking about replicating YouTube’s open platform, which lets users upload 100 hours of content every minute to the site. Instead, it is interested in cherry-picking particularly popular, more professional YouTube fare. Yahoo has also told some video owners that it can use its well-trafficked home page and other high-profile real estate to promote their clips on a non-exclusive basis. After a year, one source inside Yahoo said, it might open the platform up further. One source inside the company said that Yahoo is prepping a new content management system for the effort, although some have suggested it could also buy an existing service like Vimeo...."

But YouTube has a big lead.

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