Switching to Internet TV: A personal log

Switching to Internet TV: A personal log
July 30, 2012, 2:00 PM — When I put together "Making the switch to Internet TV," I walked people through the decision-making process I used to cut my household cable account. When I came to the end of the piece, I thought it was important to avoid giving my ...

Hulu Plus launches on Apple TV
CBS News
(CBS News) Hulu, the online TV and movie streaming service, is now available on Apple TV. News Corp buys stake in Web video player Roku. Subscribers of Hulu Plus will now be able to watch streaming videos using Apple's digital media receiver by ...

CBS News

TV should switch to internet, peers suggest
The Guardian
BT, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin Media are moving rapidly to connect more television sets to the internet, so that they can offer video on demand as well as conventional TVchannels. TalkTalk's YouView box, unveiled last week, offers internet access to libraries of ...

The Guardian

Sports Safety Summit Attracting National Attention as Concussion TV Features ...
MarketWatch (press release)
In addition, through our award-winning knowledge management and communications capabilities, we can guarantee that events are enjoyed by participants and observers alike, as well as captured and shared with wider online audiences. SPCN's ... Founded in 1999, TV Worldwide (www.tvworldwide.com ) developed the first Internet TV network of community-based Internet TVchannels, primarily targeting niche professional communities ranging from the Maritime industry to the Digital Media sector. Known by ...

SocialToaster and SME Digital Provide the Missing Link to the Launch of O2 ...
MarketWatch (press release)
BALTIMORE, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- SocialToaster announced today that they have been chosen along with media partner, SME Digital, Social Media Explorer's digitalmarketing agency, to launch a new and innovative Social TV Campaign for ... In addition to being an educational and informational products company, Social Media Explorer is also a leading publishing platform for insights, opinion and learning around the world of digital and social media marketing,online communications, public ...

Olympic Hurdle: Using Social Media
Wall Street Journal
The 2012 Olympics are forcing Olympics lovers to consider the unthinkable...staying off the Internet for much of the games' 17-day span to avoid spoilers. Elizabeth Holmes has details on The News Hub. Photo: Reuters. News of the race—which wasn't shown live on TV—had been all over Twitter, Facebook and NBC's own website for hours. The 2012 Olympics are ... Ms. Tankovich, a 32-year-old digital media editor in Columbus, Ohio, normally checks Twitter and Facebook throughout the day. Now she is doing ...

Wall Street Journal

The end of broadcast TV? House of Lords calls for all channels to go online (but ...
Daily Mail
A parliamentary inquiry today forecast a second wave of switchover as TV moves online. The House of ... Last week YouView boxes, which combine freeview digital TV services with on demand internet services such as iPlayer, went on sale in the UK. Apple is ...

Daily Mail

Tips to Avoid a Busted Digital Media Strategy
You simply have to develop a sound digital media strategy that includes your company's goals and vision, risks, product offerings and how they address customer needs, technological processes anddigital opportunities, and online initiatives. And, if that ...

Domain Provider NameIT Partners with Digital Media Monitors to Provide Brand ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Logo. Search VSM: Advanced. NameIT, a valued based domain name provider, has established a partnership with Digital Media Monitors LLC to provide brand protection and domain monitoring services to its clients. Fayetteville, NC (PRWEB) July 31, 2012 ...

Connect TV Figure-Twists Way Above Hosts Freeview In Channel Count
World Internet TV on PC (blog)
The Freeview-hosted IPTV service Connect TV, self-described as the first-ever broadband TV platform provided over the Freeview service in the UK, claims that they now possess a greater selection of TVchannels than their hosts. Despite Freeview being the primary source of digital terrestrial television in the region, the Connect TV brand, which is available to anyone who owns a 'compatible' IP-connected Freeview set (DTV or set-top box) has grown from 45 channels to 70 since launching in February. Connect TV ...

Twitter beats Facebook in social media Olympics
According to iProspect, a large British digital marketing agency, and Carat, a mediaagency, Twitter was the favourite social media site for 97 per cent of all onlineconversations about the opening ceremony. The company monitored Twitter, Facebook, ...


Broadcast TV should be delivered via the internet, say UK peers
Despite the UK only recently completing digital switchover, the Broadband for All report intointernet infrastructure said that the case for transferring the delivery of broadcast content via theinternet will become overwhelming “It is likely that IPTV services will become ever more widespread, and eventually the case for transferring the carriage of broadcast content, including ... The UK's main pay TV operators, BSkyB, Virgin Media, BT and Talk Talk already deliver some TV services via theinternet to varying degrees.

Telstra's naive TV vision
Business Spectator
What I have been saying for close to a decade is that the company needs to tear down its silos and start treating its digital media business in a holistic way. That will require cannibalisation between the silos, but once a proper digital media company has been ...

Internet TV: have we reached the tipping point?
The internet and television have been linked together from a hardware point of view for many years.Internet-enabled televisions are increasingly seen as a standard, social media can make or break a new show, and online communities spring up and ...

UK House of Lords Suggests Moving TV to Online
World Screen
LONDON: A House of Lords committee has recommended that television services in the U.K. should be broadcast over the Internet in a bid to free up more bandwidth for other uses. Globo TVInternational ... The report recommends that the British government, Ofcom and the industry consider switching terrestrial TV content online and goes on to explore the consequences of what the freed-up spectrum could mean. The committee says ... "Now we are finding we may go from digital toInternet." The report concludes: ...

House of Lords Suggests TV Switch From Broadcast to Internet
Eventually, the committee argued, it is likely that IPTV (television provided over theinternet) will become more widespread and eventually the case for shifting how we receive television from traditional broadcast masts to the internet will become "overwhelming". ... While on-demand services like the BBC iPlayer offer live and pre-recorded television over the internet, an Ofcom consultation published in March concluded that digital terrestrial TV (DTT) offers "very substantial public and economic value" and suggested ...


TV should move to the internet, says House of Lords
Digital Choices
The recently launched YouView service, for example, uses online connections to deliver on-demand and catch-up TV to customers, and BT recently paid for the rights to Premiership football matches to attract sports fans to its BT Vision internet TV service.

Olympic-level social media growing pains
The surge of cellphone traffic had overwhelmed signals from GPS location transmitters attached to the racers' bicycles, and TV commentators could not receive real-time information on the contests, including the locations of many riders. The committee did not return a ... The failure of organizers to prepare for a surge in wireless traffic is inexplicable, said Mike Proulx, head of the digital strategy team at the Boston advertising firm Hill Holliday and coauthor of a book on social media. “It would seem that this would have ...


Making the switch to Internet TV
IDG News Service
You may have pondered the notion of dropping your cable TV service in favor of obtaining all of yourTV through Internet-based services. It seems pretty attractive, particularly when you see subscription fees for some services running around $8 to $10 a ...

TV channels 'should become online only'
Public Service
The government should consider broadcasting television channels exclusively online in a bid to free up parts of the communication spectrum, according to a parliamentary committee. A recent ... "Now we are finding we may go from digital to internet," he said.

Sports Safety Summit Attracting National Attention as Concussion TV Features ...
Broadcast Newsroom
Sports Safety Summit Attracting National Attention as Concussion TV Features Live Webcast of Major Athletic Trainers Event ... Internet TV channel, Concussion TV, .... ranging from the Maritime industry to the Digital Media sector. ... MEDICAL, SPORTSApplications, Health Care, Knowledge Management, Internet, Internet Server Applications, Management, CEO/CFO, Broadcast, Management, Streaming, Digital, Internet/Web, Business, Internet, Streaming Media, Webcasting, Internet Media, webcast, NAB Attendees, ...

Behind-the-scenes look at how Olympics advertisers get on TV
Lost Remote
While this is definitely the first social and second screen Olympics, it's also a TV event that's almost completely DVR-proof, like most sports. We spoke to Cunha about his role, how he uses social media and how he thinks social TV is changing the business...

Lost Remote

SMJ: Rewriting TV's rule book
It also revisited its international distribution deals to ensure that SMJ was telecast across all markets in which STAR had a presence and created a digital platform – including social media – to allow viewers to interact on issues that would be raised by the show. Together, the two assembled a robust ... Close to five per cent of the total online responses to SMJ came from overseas markets. Aggregating viewers. The show ... “People were consuming SMJ on TV and reacting on digital media. A seamless transition was ...


TV set for fresh upheaval with web switch
The Drum
Now we are finding we may go from digital to internet." The call to action comes amidst increasing industry action to embrace the internet with BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media all offering video on demand as well as conventional broadcasts.Media UK ...

The Drum

UK Lords recommend moving TV broadcasts to the Internet
A new report from the UK House of Lords has suggested that all TV shows should be broadcast via the Internet in order to free up wireless spectrum for mobile phones, and advises the government to start drawing up plans to make this happen. ... The UK government is aiming to ensure that all households can access 2 Mbps connections by 2015, with 90% getting 24 Mbps. Much progress has already been made thanks to the recent efforts of cableco Virgin Media and dominant telco BT in building out fibre-rich ...

Hulu Plus arrives on Apple TV
US online video service Hulu Plus has arrived on the Apple TV media receiver, enabling users to stream current and classic TV programming on-demand from hundreds of content partners, including broadcast networks ABC, NBC and Fox. Existing ... Apple revealed last week that it sold 1.3mn units of its Apple TV digital media receiver in the second quarter of this year – up 170% on an annual basis – meaning that over 4mn units have been shipped so far in its fiscal year which ends in September. Tags: Apple TV ...

The world's most successful digital media companies - paidContent
By Robert Andrews
Digital media is exploding. Half of us now read news on tablets, virtually all music tracks are bought electronically, and nearly a tenth of Americans are ditching cable for internet TV. But what does it take to make money from these fast-growing ...

The End of Cable TV? How Everyone Will Watch Television In The ...
By Brian Proffitt
Lately that dominance has been challenged from within by cable TV's own business practices and from without by Internet video providers like YouTube and streaming Internet TV delivered to special set-top boxes with weird names like Roku and Boxee, or Blu-Ray DVD players, ... The Interpret LLC's New Media Measure syndicated report sets the number of US consumers age 18-65 that own an Internet-enabled set top box (like a Roku player, Apple TV, Slingbox, Vudu box, etc.) ...

Twitter Olympics Controversy Betrays the Bias of Digital Media Pundits
So a lot of digital media nerds are atwitter (sorry) over the fact that a British journalist named Guy Adams had his Twitter account suspended after bashing NBC's Olympics coverage. Twitter says Adams' account was suspended because he ...
About.com Journalism

NDTV Files Lawsuit Against Nielsen For Manipulating TV Ratings ...
By Vikas SN
Broadcaster NDTV has filed a lawsuit worth billions against The Nielsen Company for manipulatingTV ratings and viewership data in favour of TV channels.
MediaNama: Digital Media in India

U.K. Parliament Committee: TV Should Be Broadcast Over Internet ...
By Georg Szalai
However, Britain needs better broadband networks to move TV signals to the Internet, the parliamentary committee warned. It described current government strategy as "flawed" and likely to widen the digital divide between areas with fast web ...

Hulu app finally lands on Apple TV—what took so long? | VentureBeat
By Tom Cheredar
Apple rolled out a software update for its Apple TV set-top box today that includes a new app for Hulu. Apple TV owners have been waiting forever for Hulu service to land on the device. ... the convergence of offline and online advertising; the impact of mobile devices like smartphones, superphones, and tablets; the networking of the living room from video-game consoles to set-top boxes to Apple TV, Google TV; and the emergence of social media as a key media distribution channel, ...

Hulu Plus On Apple TV - Business Insider
By Steve Kovach
Apple TV is a digital media receiver made and sold by Apple Inc. It is a small form factor network appliance designed to play IPTV digital content originating from the iTunes Store, Netflix , YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe or any... More » · Hulu. Hulu. Summary. Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips in the U.S. Hulu is operated independently by a dedicated management team, but NBC Universal, News Corp., The Walt Disney Company, Providence Equity.

News Corp and BSkyB invest in TV streaming ... - Media Week
Roku: internet TV start-up boosted by investment from News Corp and Sky ... of News Corporation's investment were not revealed, but its chief digital officer Jon ...

TV should switch to internet, peers suggest | Technology | The ...
The switch to digital television may be only the beginning, as a Lords committee says that all TVshould be broadcast via the internet, leaving the airwaves free ...

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